Veggie/vegan/pescatarian recipes for the non-purist

Cooking fish in a bag works best for thin fillets of fish not slabs of haddock cod or salmon - all of which can be mahooosive baby whale sized beasties

We served a 40lb Atlantic salmon for part of our wedding buffet so I know how big they get


Thank you very much, Twellsy. Sole would be good then?


Sole is ideal as its delicate nature means the steaming inna bag does not harm it

I just got one of my cooking magazines so will probably come up with more - I tend to see a recipe as hints on cooking something!


Ah, a person after my own heart, Twellsy! The only downside is that if something is a huge success, I do not necessarily remember what I put in it or at least the exact amounts so it’s hard to reproduce.


Harvest pie

Blanch the outer leaves of a savoy cabbage (veins removed) and refresh in iced water

place the leaves in a bowl so they line it and hang over the edge - it acts as the pastry

Toast a good handful of pine nuts and leave to cool

Grate a couple of carrots and a parsnip and finely slice an onion and some mushrooms and a couple of cabbage leaves and some garlic

Now gently fry the root veg and onion and garlic with the mushrooms until the root veg soften

Stir in the pine nuts and leave to cool

When cool put your veg mix with your shredded cabbage and tip into the cabbage lined bowl and pour in three beaten eggs

Season and fold the cabbage leaves over to form the “crust” of your pie

Dot with butter and scatter a few pine nuts over

Place in a hot oven till the eggs are set

It is lovely with some bacon bits in the filling as well


Yup Janie I have great fun trying to remember exactly what I used in successful meals


Speaking of not following recipes, I have just put a couple of containers of soup into the freezer just now because it was a bit of a failure and I hate to throw it out.

This is what happened: I made a delicious leek and potato soup with the white parts of the leeks and then I wanted to use up the tougher green parts so I made a leek and onion soup which turned out too thin. I then made the mistake of adding a tin of chickpeas to thicken it, [Edited to add: blended it with a stick blender] and I’m finding the texture rather unattractive, a bit gloopy. It doesn’t have the silky texture of a cream soup, nor the rough texture of a soup with bits in it. I’ve tried adding some spices, ground coriander, cumin and cayenne, but somehow that doesn’t help. What am I to do with this green sludge now that I’ve taken against it? Throw it out, I suppose, in the end, though I hate wasting food.

Any suggestions?


Use it as stock for other pies? Or the basis of a stew, with wine added?


I’ve decided the problem is me: I have now dubbed it ‘green sludge’. I think there is no hope!


I’d chuck it, Janie:neutral_face:

I get this message when I become too garrulous:
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Have you considered replying to other people in the discussion, too? A great discussion involves many voices and perspectives."

Pfft. I’ll try to supply recipes, once I have time, but I’m glad to see that you have many suggestions, already. Happy cooking, Janie!

Soo xx


Thanks, Soo, and thanks everyone. Soo, I think you’re right about the green sludge.

And now that I have so many delicious recipes, I see that I must report back.

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That pesky robot gave me a new Brownie Badge for mentioning your user name, Janie. Cheers!
Soo xx


How about some Boston baked beans?

Simply fry an onion and some chopped garlic in a drop of oil andthrow in a tin of chopped tomatoes and a squeeze of tomato puree

Stir in a tin of drained and rinsed mixed beans and a goodly handful of frozen sweetcorn add just enough water to give a saucey sort of mix and a tablespoon of black treacle

Season and let it blurble until it is a good thick mix with some beans breaking down

It works with dried steeped beans in a slow cooker a treat

I like things I can throw together and leave to do themselves


Thanks, Twellsy. Sounds good. I’ve always bought such things ready made but this sounds better.

Did you ever hear about the Boston Molasses Disaster?


Nope, definitely not, I was passing the afternoon somewhere entirely different…


Don’t blitz soups with chickpeas again!

Aye, smartarse rexponse, but as you have discovered, the texture is downright nasty.


Yeah, sadder but wiser now. And yet I like hummus …


Update! I’m going to make this on Sunday to go alongside roast beef for the omnivores. As I mentioned, Miss Janie mostly eats vegetarian food but is not strictly speaking an actual vegetarian. I predict the smell of the roast beef will get to her and she’ll have a little!

I’ll give Fanta’s ‘brick’ a go, too, that looks good.


The vegetarian brick is eaten happily by confirmed meat-eaters, and even I, who dislike celery, find it palatable.


Thanks, Fanta, then I’ll make enough for the omnivores!