Veggie/vegan/pescatarian recipes for the non-purist


All sounds yummy, the sort of thing to warm you up after a bit of ice skating perhaps ??


You bet! I’m making a start on it now. I wonder if leeks vary a lot in size. The ones I have are huge. Oh, well, “All We Like Leeks” - I hope. (You can sing that to the relevant part of ‘The Messiah’. No need to thank me for the earworm.)


I was thinking ‘Leeks Glorious Leeks’ that could be a bit more annoying :grinning:


Yes. Much!

It’s done now, I’ve had a little taste. Did I overdo the leeks after all, because it’s quite sweet. But very tasty. I might add more seasoning next time.


Another update: I had frozen half of Fanta’s loaf and took it out the other day, smooched it into a loaf tin (present from Lady Susan), put a bit of bruschetta on top, then a layer of spinach and finally mashed potato to make a veggie shepherd’s pie, sort of. I was using up bits of things that needed using up, so that what it became and I must say it was pretty good. I’m not sure Mr Janie would have noticed the lack of meat if I hadn’t told him.


Oh, hurrah! Another good use for it. Thank you.


At first I wondered if I was just putting starch on top of starch by adding the mashed potatoes, but on reviewing your recipe, I see it’s not actually all that heavy on the breadcrumbs, so it wasn’t, if you see what I mean. I also thought it had lentils in it but after all it didn’t. Must make it again to get more familiar with the ingredients.

Lord and Lady Susan were visiting lately and her Ladyship made a super simple celery and leek soup which I’ve made again several times since she left. I forget where the recipe is from but she recited it from memory:

400 g celery roughly chopped
1 lg leek
l lg potato
30 g butter
600 ml stock veg or chicken
200 ml milk
150 ml cream


melt butter, sweat veg 10’
add stock bring to boil
simmer 20"
add milk
add something for colour, parsley, chives etc


That sounds lovely



It’s a lovely delicate cream soup, the predominant taste of course is celery, so you have to like that! I put the correct amount of butter but I didn’t have any cream so I used our usual 1 per cent milk and I do think that the butter alone makes it quite rich enough not to need the cream.


I suspect it would be more to my taste sans cream: I love celery soup and integral cream csn really flatten flavours in soup. imo.


Anglesey eggs are wonderful. I have been remiss, Janie, and shall post the recipe, tomorrow.
Soo xx


Boil and mash tatties. Sauté some leeks and mash them with the tatties. Press into a baking dish and make dessert spoon shapes for halved boiled eggs to fit into (put the eggs into the shapes). Make a good, strong cheese sauce (with mustard included) and pour it over the lot. Grate some cheese over the top and bake for 20 minutes in a med/high oven. Serve with steamed broccoli or any greens. I usually bake tomatoes while the egg dish is cooking, as I lurve tomatoes.
Soo xx


Sounds good, soobers. I might put the greens in with the mash and leeks or they will get left on the side of the plate!