Veggie/vegan/pescatarian recipes for the non-purist


Puy lentils and feta make a very happy combination, imo.

This soup (the Greek, lentilly one) is excellent. Trust him on the vinegar. It works.


Thanks, Gus, I’ll give that one a go 'n all. Pretty sure I have all the ingredients.


Bon succès to it with a following wind. Which there almost certainly will be ;- )


Does it really mean 750 grammes of green lentils, Gus? Three-quarters of a kilo? Seems out of proportion to the other ingredients.


750g of lentils, 650g of other veg & tom purée - nah, it’s fine


OK, won’t argue then. I thought it might be a bit light on the seasoning. But I’ll try and keep to the recipe to avoid the ‘well that worked well, though I replaced practically every ingredient and cooked it a different way’ syndrome.

Speaking of which, I cooked the ‘burnt aubergine veggie chilli’ dish recommended elseboard without the aubergine. Or the chocolate which would have been cocoa powder even if I had put it in. And used cannellini beans instead of kidney beans, garam massala instead of cinnamon and cayenne instead of chilli powder. Oh, and I had some frozen meatballs, so I put them in 'n all. Mr Janie appreciated that.

Other than that, I followed the recipe exactly!


Oh, sorry to be a pest, Gus, but it does mean dried lentils? Not the tinned kind?


Dried is correct. Bear in mind that the green ones don’t expand as much as many other pulses.


OK, thanks. I like that all the ingredients are in precise measurements. It always amuses me that you read ‘30 g red lentils’ and ‘one aubergine’ or ‘two carrots’. They can vary tremendously in size, as do onions.

Afterthought: OK, it does say ‘one spring of rosemary’!