Viral DOOM


Every other board seems to have a thread about this, so why shouldn’t we?


My pet pangolin is looking a little off-colour this morning…


“Don’t know why people are panic-buying antibacterial gel - it’s a VIRUS. Clue is in the name”

(Every thread elseboard seems to feature some genius posting a variation on this).


Apparently it has led to a fall in sales of Corona beer in the US. I’m fully expecting A Certain Orange Person to claim it could have been stopped if the wall had been built.


The World Health Organisation have predicted a pandemic from China and everyone is surprised when an epidemic appears to be starting


Wash yer hands often and keep going about yer life as normal is my attitude…


Meanwhile … Disneyland Paris has an employee with the Coronavirus.

In all honesty, fair play. It’s going to be all over the place.

Their response is not to do anything drastic (again, chwarae teg), remain open and have hand sanitisers at the entrance. All fine.

Oh … oh, oh … & advise customers not to get too close to each other !!! At a theme park … with rides … & queues.


Unfortunately the demographic of Eurodisney’s clientele suggests that they are unlikely to be much at risk themselves


The best transmitters of gerruummms and viruseseses anywhere are snotty brats

I am surprised it is only one employee ill


This turns out to be a misreported stunt by a PR firm.

Especially when they pick it up at school/etc. to cross-infect a whole bunch of unrelated families.


That’s somewhat reassuring. What is less so is the thought that the facts probably won’t make any difference.


It was possible to find whole blocks of blameless and innocent people who thought the Mexican Scandal was an ordinary recorded historical incident like the Gunpowder Plot. Then somebody would enlighten these simple people, only to discover that the old story had started afresh among a few quite educated people, who would seem the last people on earth to be duped by it. And so the two Father Browns chase each other round the world for ever; the first a shameless criminal fleeing from justice; the second a martyr broken by slander, in a halo of rehabilitation. But neither of them is very like the real Father Brown, who is not broken at all; but goes stumping with his stout umbrella through life, liking most of the people in it; accepting the world as his companion, but never as his judge.


It might be that the Corona-virus thingy is Mother Nature’s latest attempt at controlling the over-population, given that the Black Death was an abysmal failure. I am reminded of Dan Brown’s “Inferno” which suggests an even nicer solution to that age-old problem. BTW anyone else remember guzzling “Corona” soft drinks (UK 1950s and 1960s) :no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth::neutral_face:




We weren’t really allowed fizzy drinks,& Corona was expensive,as it was delivered weekly .

If we did have fizzy pop, as it was called, it was more likely to be Jusoda, which was a vile orange concoction



I only ever had the Corona lemonade; and I preferred White’s.


Me too, Fishy

I like orange juice, but have never liked orange squash or the Jusoda.I always asked for lemonade .

Can’t bear the taste of Coca Cola either, or Pepsi



Tizer, Jusoda, Vimto (the best), Lucozade (for when you were ill), Ribena (for when you were flush) … and Corona delivered.



Lucozade, with the bottle wrapped in cellophane !

We never had it, but it was taken to Orsepiddle as a gift for Properly Poorly People

I liked Vimto, & still like Ribena

Mr C used to like Cream Soda, & Dandelion & Burdock



The only dandelion and burdock left that doesn’t taste of aspartame is Fentiman’s, which is a bit expensive for my taste. Barr’s Dandelion and Burdock was all right until a few years ago, but they replaced it with “D&B”.


We really aren’t terribly good at being Doom Laden, are we?


My dear Fish, it’s been years since I had a good Dandelion & Burdock & Hendricks.