Viral DOOM


That’s how I feel, soo. No, I’m not panicking (and I’m not panic buying either) but over the last couple of years the people I love have developed an annoying habit of dying, and I’d rather not lose any more of them just yet, thank you very much. If that’s being paranoid, well tough, I can’t help it.


In one way very good Gus

In a remote rural community however a trip to the doctor might be the only outside contact you have all week

No transport to get you to the village shops no transport to get you to church

Just the aching pain of the elderly infirm and desperately lonely

That soon affects mental as well as physical health

So on one hand great to clear the surgery on the other phone consultations and the practice nurse can help answer the phone when not doing her work appointments and in the background the isolation of the elderly and so so lonely


So would I


That’s a separate issue, which isn’t resolved* by exposing those most vulnerable to the risk of infection.

*Well, not in a good way


Hear hear, Joe



I see that the ROI have closed all schools…



I went and had a short back and sides while the barber is still open (there is a rumour that someone within forty miles of the shop has tested positive,so they may shut in a panic at any moment) and the degree of alarmism going on in there would have frightened me if I were not aware that about 98% of what was being spouted was bollocks.


To be fair, they would be closing anyway for St Patrick’s Day


It is no wonder people are panicking when the BBC, no less, put out tweets like this…

The main reason for the decision is to provide cover if the regular staff are off sick, but the sensationalist reporting is unforgivable, in my view.


Ha! Cheered up a friend as we drove past a field which appeared to be being cleared for a housing development by telling her it was more likely a mass grave ;- )


Here hotels are being requisitioned as extra hospital beds along with military facilities

Police are being let loose before all their training is done and being encouraged not to retire


No need for panic, all you need to do is be sure to wash your hands…


UK Games Expo officially postponed until August. Stealing Tabletop Scotland’s weekend and forcing them to postpone too.

Just the Eastercon left of big events I was planning to go to, and I suspect they really can’t afford to cancel without an official ban on gatherings to give them cover.


There’s the rub, Dunnock
Unless it’s officially banned, a lot of money is going to be lost




Neither of those was a ‘like’ like.

Sparrer, I suspect the official ban will come in time for Eastercon. Probably by the skin of its teeth.


Let’s hope the committee are poker players, then.


The problem is both sides are gambling with your money, but it’s not actually make-or-break for TBTB. Be prepared for “collateral damage”…


It isn’t actually make or break for any of the people who have paid between sixty and ninety quid membership up front; the committee won’t lose money either, since they have presumably already paid the venue using the memberships they have in hand. The venue will make money, since they have been paid for not having to do anything.

The thing that will be costly is hotel rooms for five nights for everyone who had booked one. And the committee are not going to be helping anyone with that, so their gamble isn’t going to be relevant.


This reached me in the form of a retweet by our Chief Constable, no less, an’ I think it’s wonderful. That’s the way to do it…


If the committee cancels, they have to offer to refund memberships, with the money they’ve already paid the hotel for function space. Most of the members will say “keep the money”, so they’ll be out the cost of the membership and their personal hotel rooms.