Viral DOOM


Easier just to torch the place ;- )


And FagAsh as FWit


Clearly, the Right Thing for Lilian to do is to throw herself onto the pyre.


I’ve always seen her as more settee than suttee.

Then again, she prides herself on being the horsey type, so…



You have?
She’s small and scrawny and tough as old boots, in my head. The slightly leathery sort of horsewoman.


Seen elsewhere:



Meanwhile, just in case anyone is feeling isolated, that nice Mr Martin evidently won’t allow any filthy furrin bugs near his pubs:

Still going ahead as of today


I love Arthur Rackham’s work, although I don’t think I’ve ever thought of FWit as being in the same category as Brünnhilde, or any of the Valkyries for that matter, more like Galligantua, as in:

(…thinks “Pore bloody horse!”:neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::cry::cry::cry: )



Stop putting my photo on here!


tsssk, Twellers.


Thinking further on this, why not a proper rebranding, redressing half a millennium of sexism by making it The Cow*?

Lilian could then be The F@Cow…

*I did consider The C@Ambridge but came to the conclusion that it would be too confusing for the Mystery Postman


The Bovine Byproduct?


Really, Hedgers! Calling the pub “The Methane Arms” would be in questionable taste, to say the least.


Aaah but think of the fuel saving if bovine by products are fuelling the kitchen


…briefly. KABOOM!!!

oh sorry, didn’t think there was anyone in there.


Nobody important.


Now you’re talking! They need to go back to proper pub traditions. The cricket club has the Single Wicket, after all, so how about an equivalent for the darts players? The Sid Perks Memorial Trophy For Most Bulls Hit


Adjusts Spex…



No, Dahlink; really, don’t.


Gus dear

It’s quite possible to use bovine gas safely

And next time you have a sly cigarette kindly let me know so I can vacate the kitchen