Viral DOOM


[Erects portable bike shed] [positions self carefully upwind]
Tab, anyone? :smoking:

this is too easy…


Hmf, there’s no pipe emoticon. I dunno, these people have no sense of priorities.


One neighbour seems to be treating SI/SD as the perfect opportunity to spend more time - like all morning - with their saxophone.


Sparrer’s Bruvver brand window-bricks are available at the usual moderate rate…


Caught the tail-end of an interview with him on Today this morning. Still determined to go ahead, it seems. If I were the cynical type, I might wonder whether he’s forcing staff to make the decision not to work so as to avoid having to compensate them.


I am the cynical type and there’s no wondering involved ;- )


Even better if he can then sack them and get in someone cheap and desperate.


Of course, it’s a moot point whether his staff would be on contracts that entitled them to any compensation in the first place.






60°C may be adequate to kill the virus, 70°C should be, but I’ve found nothing authoritative, and viruses being not really alive in the first place need to be comprehensively denatured.

As for cooking time, long enough to get the entire thing up to that temperature (which is all that cooking time is about, really; air is a horrible heat transfer medium).


Wouldn’t it be quicker just to set fire to it? I’d cheerfully do that to most of what comes through the door.


Dunno. I expect 100deg for 10 mins would do it. But maybe a UV lamp? It doesn’t like that at all, apparently.
Or, zap it quickly with a hot iron


Yeah, but ideally not while the postie is still holding it. Remember what the nice judge said…




Oh. Yes. I do remember now. Shall I put the matches away, then?


Coincidentally, I did actually give our mail a quick wipe with disinfectant this morning.


Please, Janie. The screaming might distress Miss Heidi.


Microwave heating is quite unreliable, and in the specific context of letters there might well not be enough polar content to absorb the radiation. (Polar molecules in this context means water, sugar, etc.; paper typically isn’t very.)


Being practical and not wishing for the Fishly-Dunnock abode to be razed to the ground in a post-sanitising experiment, an ordinary spray bottle with a bleach solution strikes me as - a solution. Handwritten ink letters might suffer but routine printed post should withstand that pretty well.


Oh, you have spray bottles? I don’t think we have any in the house.