Viral DOOM


Very useful for bread making (unless you can afford a fancy steam oven)


A tip I picked up from John Kirkwood, to give him due credit


Tempted to go down the pub for one last night. But that would be Very Silly.


You’ll be fine as long as you take sensible precautions…


A few weeks ago, a friend was thinking about retheming his child’s birthday party from “Batman” to “Don’t Lick That”.


Best to use a stick at least 2m long, and a full-face mask in case of castoff and spray.


Undeniably prudent, but that approach lacks the personal touch which I feel is called for.


You can always dance on their grave afterwards.


How long is a halibut? That is the traditional thing with which to thwack someone.


Well let’s see

Should be safe to thwack folk with that…


Possibly not as personal as Gus wants; one would need to use a block and tackle to do it with.


Well you can get smaller ones…


All this talk of viral lurgies reminds me…




And this is still on the CBC’s What you need to know about COVID-19 in Ottawa page.

Anyone who has difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, persistent pain or pressure in the chest, confusion or inability to wake up and bluish lips or face should go to the emergency room.


…should set off for the emergency room and fall over on the way there…


That would save time, really, wouldn’t it, and less pressure on the system. As for those people with inability to wake up … the official advice ought to be ‘stay put’.


How would they know they hadn’t woken up if they were unable to do it?


Tssk, Fishy. :wink:.

You’re so damned practical!



I do see that as a bit of a problem. I was thinking there must be a substantial number of blue-faced zombies in Ottawa that I didn’t know about. Either that or sleep-walking smurfs.