Viral DOOM


If the former, not a problem. If the latter, Run! Run away fast and far!


You clearly haven’t been me after a long night shift.


I rather enjoyed this:


Signs of DKE-19 generally appear 3–5 days after learning that the word “epidemiology” is not the study of skin diseases.



I have a chest infection so

Clang Clang


Clang Clang



Yes, but you do tend to. There is no need for us to worry more than usual, I shouldn’t think, except about you. Please get better…


I do seem to be blessed with chest infections

I have the same drugs as horsey piddle would give me and my own home to be unwell in so I am well looked after

I will get better I am sure and I will remain in my cocoon of caring folk for at least ten more weeks


Behaving yourself would be a good start! :wink:

‘How to be a patient Patient’ written by Twellsy…

Seriously, take care, & get better



Oh, tsk, Twellsy, you daft bat. Be good and Get Well Soon.


I am sitting in the sun knitting a rabbit’s ear with my nebulisers

I am being good

The clinic can’t let me do tho


Aren’t you supposed to use needles?


Gawds, Twellsy. Fuzzy hugs and kindest wishes.
Soo xxxxxx


Karma can be a bitch…


I now have the wabbit’s ears and head knitted

Despite ripping out the head 4 times…


…us loikes the sound of that! …words to live (or die) by!!! :scream::scream::scream:


Sturmey you are wicked and I luurves you for that

Temperature is up here and I am sweating buckets


Loosen yer stays, dear, and fan cooling breezes around.
Sorry you are feeling shite, dear Twellsy. Hope you get a peaceful and restorative night.


Seconded. I am worried for you and joe - but, particularly for you, azz yer chesticles are so very compromised.
Soo xx


Soo dear wee bee

I am in the best place to avoid Corvid namely a place where houses are about one in every two acres and our neighbours are so caring and wonderful giving time and thought into cocooning us

One did some shopping for us today and hung around the supermarket until he could get beer for me and then later went for my prescription to keep yon. Bull cocooned too

I am giving in tonight and taking chemical help to sleep as that is nature’s healing


Mytemp appears to be settling. Only “borderline” feverish now - that is, it’s hovering around the point at which the thermometer bleeps frantically at me, which I’ve just learned is 37.5.

Just checked. 37.2 - YAY!! PARTY TIME!!!

I’m pretty robust anyway, but you, Twellsy, need to keep a careful eye on things. Take care of yourself or I’ll get Bella to give you a talking-to. And trust me, when you get a talking-to from Bella, you stay talked to.

Not only that, she’d probably get Titi on the case, too…