What about the house?


I was lost for words; daft woman, where are you going to live?


It’s an excellent question, isn’t it? I somehow don’t see the rest of the partners allowing her to continue rent-free in the yurts either, if she has caused their parents and youngest sibling to be thrown out of their home. And the cottage she has thought of as hers is of course part of Home Farm Partnership now: that was said a long time back.


I do wonder where they’re going with this story. I’ve given up trying to make sense of it, Brian would never have instigated this absurd partnership deal in the first place. What I’m wondering is how is it going to turn out? Will Brian get the better of Kate in the end? Will Adam support Brian? What position will Jennifer take?


‘The Real Brian’ would never have instigated many of the recent stupid storylines, IMO , nor would any of the others …



The real Brian would have forgotten about the Baddun Brothers, and certainly would not have felt that he had to tell Jennifer about them.


Have just heard the Minibus as there were far more interesting things to do last week than listen to each episode. What really struck me was that everyone sounds so petulant *- ‘adults’ & so-called children alike.

*They’d say ‘mardy’ round here…



Yes; a constant atmosphere of whine.


Are these scripts written by dumb and dumber?
Dumb - Brian’s businessman of the year
Dumber - No turns out he’s a Dickensian villain who brought black death!
Dumb - Anisha arrives and the Alistair signs up for super vet because Shula is so behind him
Dumber - No; turns out Anisha took a daytrip to Newmarket and binding contracts don’t mean a thing. Shula decides its all over but still cries when Alistair has a quicky with another tedious character that doesn’t speak.-- vet’s practice - what’s that?
Dumb - Toby can make a gin business from his own piss and a few country ingredients . Kenton backs him up cause he’s such a good bloke!
Dumber - No - turns out he’s still an arsehole who like’s to shag around !

I could go on …


OK, I think Robin Fairbrother is going to BUY Home Farm - the house at least. Looks hugely signposted to me.


I doubt he can afford it. He chose to stay in a B&B not at Grey Gables.


Maybe he has a low tolerance for Comical Shenanigans.


Ha! Kate, you silly woman - didn’t think this one through!


Does she have form for thinking things through? Or indeed for thought at all?


Yes, I agree, Kara. It was rather wonderful when Jennifer dead-panned it, and then Roy rubbed it home to Kate comprehensively that she had rendered herself homeless in her brainless self-absorption.


I think that the objective is to have Ed’n’Emmur and Brian’n’Jennifer competing for the same new house.

This makes no sense, but it’s the way the thing is being pointed.


If there were eighteen new houses being built, as I think Justin originally claimed, there would have needed to be two affordable ones to fulfil his obligation in that respect. If the number has been reduced, that would have to mean only one…


That may well be the “fact” but it’s certainly not how it’s been portrayed. There has, since the outset, been reference to “one of the affordable houses”. That does not imply 2 to me.


Well, it would be accurate; how else would you put it? “One of the two affordable houses” is longer, and means no more to anyone who knows (as Emma surely must) how many there are.

And Gus has pointed out that the affordable house(s) has/have not yet been built, so it/they would not be in the brochure from the vendor.


Isn’t it going to be Emma versus Hannah for one of the (or the only) affordable homes? Surely Brian and Jennifer will be going for the most exclusive of the new builds.


Assuming the sale actually goes ahead, of course; unless it raises sufficient capital to pay for the cleanup and a new house, there’s no point.

As for Hannah, what happened to all the accommodation that was provided when Cowditz first opened - including the swanky farmhouse conversion (Valley Farm, was it?) that was supposed to be Château Titchynob? BHC was only supposed to be a stopgap while it was being prepared.