While Natasha was at it


she could have given Tony a bar of soap: “I’ve found it makes me less smelly…”

What a dreadful cow.


No need—Pat was more than happy to do the honours on that front. Tony knows his place; Nataszi is going to fit right in at Bridge Farm.

The plus side is that Tom may be about to walk into Tony’s situation, which (unlike Tony) he deserves; the minus is that we might have to spend the rest of our lives listening to it.


You know, there is a solution to that.


Well, yes, but…

It’s the gambler’s syndrome, innit? The next one is going to be the jackpot…


How about some advice from Natasha for Helen? Send the cheese the way of the kefir? Cut down on overheads by firing Anja and Helen actually does some work? A magic cream for those frown lines she surely must have?


I’ve seen this film. It starts with a few sensible process improvements and ended up with a fermented monster laying waste to Borsetshire.

(buys popcorn)

Carry on, carry on.


My thoughts:

  • Tom and Natasha giggling over supposed inside stories was so awful, that needs to never happen again.
  • I hate to agree with Natasha on anything, but cinnamon in a stew sounds awful.
  • Who on earth is Anja? Even Google doesn’t know.


Agree to your first point.

As for cinnamon in a stew, well, I bet Pat chucked in half the tin so I’m sure it was awful. I’m convinced everything she cooks is awful. On the other hand Natasha was very rude. She should have shut up and forced it down unless the dislike was so acute that it nauseated her in which case she could have warned them.

Anja is the one who really manages the Farm Shop while Helen pretends to.


Memo to self: entry for Anja in the Directory. She’s a very faithful member of staff; she started work at Ambridge Organics in 2000.


Think of a grain of cinnamon. Add 4, multiply it by 2, then remove 10.

There would STILL be too much cinnamon, because you clearly have access to the stuff.

You live too close to that Merica you do Janie.

I wouldn’t just bannish it. I’d get rid of all the trees and then have it removed from every reference to it of any sort in all media and the mere mention of it would lead to consequences which would utterly astonish.

Not that I want to over-react.


Do you just not like it much, or does it actually make you ill?


I just loathe the stuff. Sweet, cloying dust.


It isn’t in itself sweet. You just imagine it is because of sweet things you have disliked with it in.
PS: avoid the Netherlands. Cinnamon centtal.


Especially avoid the Netherlands if you had an actual reaction to cinnamon which made you vomit for twenty-four hours after eating it. A friend of mine does, and going to Den Hague for a week-long convention was No Fun For Her At All. The locals do not believe anyone could not like cinnamon, and ignore it accordingly: they have it in the bread, in the coffee, and quite possibly in the Quells.


Don’t rub it in!


I was, for about 10 years, Head of HR for our Dutch businesses (from my desk in the UK) and saw my team there every couple of months.

Say what you wish about the Cloggies, food is not one of their strengths.


La Trappe, 't IJ, De Molen… oh all right I’ll have some stroopwafels too.


Admin question: How do I instigate a vote of who thinks Natasha is less irritating than Hannah?

It’s hard to tell, and I’m not sure I know how I’d vote myself.


If you click on the little cog at the right hand end of the tool bar in the reply box, you will see that you can insert a poll.

I’m not sure how I’d vote, either!


For Pip, of course