While Natasha was at it


Let’s have this for a week, then:

  • Natasha
  • Hannah
  • I despise them both equally
  • What are you people on about? They’re both lovely

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I was veering towards voting for Hannah, simply because we’ve had longer to gather evidence of her general vileness, but then Natasha has managed to be thoroughly obnoxious from the off. 50/50, I reckon.


I went Natasha. There’s something terribly sly about her … & there’s stuff in the woodwork yet to come out.

… & stupid enough to shag Tom. I mean. Really ???

Hannah’s a nasty, self centred, pig-fixated bint with an eye for a leg-over. But I’m mot sure she’s hiding anything … apart from shagging Tom. (See above).


I wish they’d brought back the real Hannah—she used to be likeable.


Yes; an amiable adolescent, which in TA is as rare as hen’s teeth usually. Johnny was the one for this decade.


Don’t forget Hannah made a play for Chris Carter even though she was told he was with Alice (though they weren’t yet married). I find her more devious than Natasha, note the sly digs she got in about Neil to Justin. Natasha is just bumptious but she seems - so far - not to have an agenda.


One person has voted for Hannah and one for Natasha, yet the former has seventeen per cent of the vote and the latter only sixteen. Why is that?


Rounding, so that it adds up to 100%.


Alphabetical preference.


Bias on the part of Discourse. It understands every word we type, you know ;- )


I love this concept of the “more annoying” poll. There are a couple of others, Kate versus Elizabeth in the “poor me” stakes for one. I also don’t instinctively know which way I would vote; both have gumption when their moment strikes.


Also, I am now wondering if I voted incorrectly above - is it a more annoying or a less irritating poll?




Wondering whether anyone wants to change their vote? I’m still firmly in the camp of Hannah is more annoying. Indeed, I saw my godmother the other day, and one of the first things she asked me was whether I think Hannah is ghastly and conniving! I do.


She is; but I think they are both awful.