Wrap-up of current spoilers - updated May 24

24 May Kenton needs reining in, and Toby has a turn of fortune.
25 May Pip needs some distance, and Johnny strikes gold.
26 May Justin sets out his stall, and Brian is made to bear the load.

28 May There are some new faces at Home Farm, and Lilian just won’t give up.
29 May Roy lacks the luck of the draw, and Brian cannot believe his ears.
30 May Tony will not be easily won over, and Kirsty regrets being impressed.
31 May Lily gets her way, and Toby gets the wrong idea.
1 Jun Pip has a surprise visitor, and Pat has lots of questions.
2 Jun Jill feels under attack, and Neil must remain impartial.

4 Jun Pip has her nose to the grindstone, and Lilian sounds a warning.
5 Jun Justin hears it straight from the horses mouth, and Freddie is fed up with his lot.
6 Jun Lynda strikes a deal, and Kirsty makes amends.
7 Jun For Tom, there is no time like the present, while things go from bad to worse for Rex.
8 Jun Johnny’s plans fall apart, and are Pat and Tom overheard?
9 Jun Susan makes enquiries, and Lily tries to keep her mum calm.

Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update May 21-26
The old rhythms and ancient ways are still practised in Ambridge - and Justin, though very much a 21st-century man, still has time for them. Miranda has been set aside, Lillian is putting down roots, and a fresh crop of would-be PAs is gathered. Lillian, when she discovers this, is not amused. Toby, who’s been running to seed since he broke up with Pip, feels it’s time to renew himself. He shaves off his stubble,gets trim down the gym, and pushes on with his gin scheme. This may well fall on stony ground with Pip, who is reaping a bitter harvest up at Brookfield, where an already angry Josh takes a turn for the hostile. Meanwhile, a new scheme for the Berrow Farm ploughs up bad memories for Jennifer.

Radio Times Ambridge Diary May 21-26
What role for Lilian now she’s Justin’s fiancee? She’s keen to keep organising his diary, but he’s insisting on hiring a personal assistant. Looking at the candidates’ CVs, she realises she has handbags older than most of them.
At Hollowtree, Toby’s torment continues and he now doesn’t see any point in taking care of his appearance. We listeners don’t much care for what he has to say, but at least Pip’s showing a glimmer of interest as she congratulates him on his progress with the whole gin thing. Might he win her back?
Finally, David is at his exasperated best when Josh fails to turn up for silaging duty. Can he persuade his son to pull his weight at Brookfield?

Total TV Guide May 21-26
When Justin misses an important networking event, Lilian offers her services to organise his diary like she used to. But he tells her he’s already advertised tor a PA, as his fiancee should not be bothered with such mundane tasks. Will Lilian hope the successful candidate is not a woman who could fill that vacancy referred to last week …?!
Toby’s let himself go a bit to seed since splitting up with Pip, but when he meets her by chance it spurs him on to get a grip - can he win her back?!
Josh is failing to pull his weight at Brookfield, thus causing friction. When a rift opens up with Pip, Elizabeth advises her to nip it in the bud.
Brian welcomes new plans for Berrow Farm, but memories of bad feeling over the mega-diary still loom large for Jennifer …

Radio Times May 28-June 2
Justin’s plans for Berrow Farm are the talk of The Bull, with the rumour mill going into overdrive. Kirsty is adamant that the idea has no place in the village, while Tony is riled by Justin’s business proposal. What’s the betting he ends up getting burned in a Wicker Man lit by a rabid Lynda Snell.

Elsewhere, the Single Wicket competition once again proves to be a hotbed of seething rivalry and rage - this time, with Anisha and Lily’s competitiveness coming to a head. Will they meet one another in the final?

Toby continues to hold out out hope of rekindling things with Pip and spots an opportunity at a Young Farmers’ event. Will he be able to win her back?

Total TV Guide May 28-June 2
With rumours raging about Justin’s plans for Berrow Farm, Kirsty shoots her mouth off, which puts Jill’s nose out of joint.
Lily gives Pip a makeover before meeting Toby. Brian assumes they’re back together, but Toby puts him straight about the situation, though he then spots a chance to woo her back.
Lilian is not happy with the candidates to be Justin’s new PA, and has someone much safer in mind. Can Justin be persuaded?
With the Single Wicket in full swing, Anisha faces stiff opposition. A surprise entry impresses Harrison.
Justin turns up at Bridge Farm with an unexpected business proposal which stuns Pat and Tony.

| Credits Week May 21-26
| Writer | Adrian Flynn |
| Director | Rosemary Watts |
| Series Editor | Huw Kennair-Jones |
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| Credits Week May 28 - June 2
| Role | Contributor |
| Writer | Caroline Harrington |
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Credits Week June 4-9
Series Editor
Jill Archer
David Archer
Ruth Archer
Pip Archer
Tony Archer
Pat Archer
Helen Archer
Tom Archer
Brian Aldridge
Jennifer Aldridge
Lilian Bellamy
Neil Carter
Susan Carter
Matt Crawford
Justin Elliott
Rex Fairbrother
Anisha Jayakody
Kirsty Miller
Elizabeth Pargetter
Freddie Pargetter
Lily Pargetter
Johnny Phillips
Lynda Snell

Well, Ed’s concern was quickly addressed, wasn’t it? At least, I hope not but it sounded that way.


Cheer up Janie. He didn’t sound completely happy as he dragged his knuckles off mic. Ed might be a moron, but his improbable-sounding alter ego is a competent actor.
Not done and dusted yet.


Ed doesn’t have the brains to be a blackmailer.

Emma on the other hand…


What does anyone think about:

  • 7 Apr Lilian gets a window on the past
  • 9 Apr Lilian hopes to get things over quickly
  • 16 Apr Lilian has a spring in her step
  • 18 Apr Peggy hears the good news and
  • 20 Apr Everyone is celebrating at The Bull

I slightly wondered if the window on the past was something to do with Matt as he’s been mentioned several times lately. They would hardly all be celebrating his return in the Bull, not that that necessarily has anything to do with Lilian, but I have a sinking feeling that the good news Peggy hears is their engagement (I know Justin’s still married) and that will make a respectable woman of Lilian. I suppose. After all, that worked with Peggy for Rob and Helen.

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Have just added the credits for week ending April 21. Anisha is back. And I rather chortled to see that she has come between Alistair and Shula on the cast list as Shula is ‘H’ for Hebden-Lloyd and Alistair of course is plain Lloyd.

Is this significant?

Oh, another thing: Helen is in this week but not next or the week after.

Radio Times spoiler for week April 9-14 is now in the wrap-up as well as its own thread.

Tom may have said last night that his harangue at David wasn’t his finest hour, but it hasn’t stopped him continuing to shoot his mouth off, has it? He should remember that Bridge Farm has had plenty of adverse publicity and he wasn’t shy about trumpeting his indignation about that! What an idiot.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Matt has been mentioned. There was a strong suspicion that Kim Durham’s departure was linked to professional differences with the then ed. As Hugh Hyphen is restoring the equilibrium of TA he may well feel inclined to return, and it’s hard to imagine that HH wouldn’t want such a fine actor back in the programme.

I’m certainly keeping my fingers crossed.

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You were right, Marjorie and it is Kim Durham though I thought at first it wasn’t.

P.S. ‘Wrap-up’ in the OP is now updated to include next three weeks of one-liners, Radio Times narrative spoiler and cast lists. Daily Mail should be in there tomorrow. Matt (Kim Durham) has not been credited yet. Oh, and Nic appears! Played by the same actor, too. She has got a lot of flak for her babyish voice which never bothered me. It’s distinctive, too, always something welcome.

It hadn’t even occurred to me that Matt might have been recast; that wouldn’t have been funny :fearful:

I like Nic, nice little breath of calm :bath:

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No, I got a bit of a shock when I heard his voice. I was convinced it wasn’t Kim Durham and I thought bloody hell, we don’t want NewMatt, we want Matt! I suspect Kim Durham’s a bit rusty. I blame Sean O’Connor for that!

Just catching up now after evening walk on the beach with Puggies :dog::dog:

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[quote=“JustJanie, post:13, topic:170”]
blame Sean O’Connor for that!
[/quote]I blame SO’C for everything.

… & I do mean everything.


I am guessing from the Daily Mail Weekend Magazine narrative spoiler (in a separate thread but also added to the wrap-up in the OP of this thread) that Pip is not going to confess early this week. Even on Friday, where the one-liner says ‘David cannot contain his anger, and Pip is cornered’, it isn’t certain. I’d expect Pip to be cornered first, then David to be angry. Maybe David is angered by Tom going round the village ranting about Brookfield and Pip is squirming in a corner. Yes, let’s hope it’s that and she finally blurts it out.

Any thoughts?

So, is Friday the day Pip gets found out or spills the beans?

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I so do hope so JJ ! It’s about time Pip owns up or Ed dobs her in.

It’s a bit like watching an episode of Columbo, we know who dunnit as they showed us at the start, then we waste the rest of the hour watching Columbo tediously work it all out…I don’t know why he didn’t tune in at the beginning like the rest of us and saved himself all that work.


I just hope that Ed spills the beans. So much more satisfying than the appalling Pip confessing.


Inclined to agree with you there, Marjorie. Being Ed, he will end up incriminating himself, too, which I will enjoy.


‘Tediously’?? How cruel! Actually, you’re right and that ‘just one more thing’ that Columbo would say in the doorway as he left drove me mad as well. Similar to the irritation caused by Pip’s repeated ‘Mum, Dad, I have something to tell you …’ which is then interrupted. Oh, and those conversations with Toby: ‘Should I confess’, ‘No, keep schtum’. Mega annoying! I do hope Toby’s role in this comes out as well.

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And…David finds out where Pip’s profits went, that should be a good moment too :smiley_cat:

If he finds everything out at the same time it could a burst blood vessel for him.

Does Ambridge have First Responders ? If so who are they, Tom, Helen, Adam ?

Not sure I’d fancy his chances if it’s one of them :grinning: