Ambridge Reporter Shorter English Dictionary


you missed out ‘Office’ there, joe dere


Obscurantism Niche entomology


Epoxy Resin: substandard amber. In Yorkshire.


Bruschetta Miss James is rather surly


Fusion Cuisine Bastard offspring of Mother Of Invention (aka Why the feck didn’t you tell me you’d used the last of the [insert essential ingredient])


One of those evenings in the kitchen, joe? Mother of Invention - well, Call Any Vegetable whatever you needed it to be and it will respond to you. Albeit not necessarily co-operatively.


Exact: why I divorced him/her


Bottle Bank Spooner’s revenge shag


Ah, Joe: do you bank with the Nat West?


Pastis: Cornish delicacis which do not taste of aniseed or take kindly to dilution


Furbelow: ‘I am allergic to wax’



Winces Loudly…



I said I was sorry

G xx



It was a combination ovva Snork anna Wince, TBH



Tanager: a sunbed.


Lorgnette: a vanishing and fugitive word, fleeing from sentences such as:
‘Dear, have you mowed the ____?’
'Has yon bastart butcher sent the ____ , Aggie hen?


Amble = the way to walk past a pub in t’Archers


Nightjar The yardarm was hours ago


Verdigris: a bung to the management to avert yet another bluddy Ballo in Maschera


Urgent: the very pattern of male courtesy