Ambridge Reporter Shorter English Dictionary


Ungulate An unpunctual executioner
Tawny Owl Exclamation following damage to anterior or posterior cruciate ligament
Hipster Panurus biarmicus


Oh, very good. But… who’s the smartarse now, joe dere?


Maeterlinck: the umbilical cord; attachment to apron strings (fig.)

Badinage: of traits that should have been beaten out of an individual in his formative years


And who the Pelléas…


Brasserie: the casual wit, banter and anecdote exchanged by artists of the valve and slide. sometimes collected and published in slim volumes by sneaking eavesdroppers (usu. violists)


And never by drummers, what with being stone deaf and everything.


Or to continue with the French theme, the batterie.


Tumultuous = To eat a lot.

Tremendous = Who repairs & restores woodland ?

Catastrophe = Prize-winning moggy.


Microphone = A very, very small telephone

Loudspeaker = the man at #27


Erudite: epoxy adhesive for fixing knowledge to the brain

Araldite: distance above sea level in 'Arold 'Ill (Hessex)


Impend (1) Posterior of e.g. a gnome; (2) to commit bratocide


Commodious: honking of piss


Einstein … just the one beer frauline, bitte.


Multitude: has fallen prey to moths or, as it might be, termites.


Truculent - to let someone borrow your HGV


Tremendous - what arborculturists achieve


Portcullis: Cumberland Sauce


Portmanteau - a tug


Divination - France


Conclude - a jailbird with an idea