Ambridge Reporter Shorter English Dictionary


Nah, Armers.

Conclude: a marine mollusc of depraved and obscene habits


2 - Teamwork involving more than two but less than four individuals


Oh - I thought it was a nose shaped like a—well, not a nose, shall we say


Scurvy: a knaval term, indicating ‘it’s got a bend in it’.


Impose - a male model


Disaster - a particular daisy-like flower


Catastrophe - a show-off moggy


Again, Armers, nah.
Catastrophe: award in a karate competition


Castrate Measure of fly-fisher’s speed
Lambent A gay sheep
Partake Localised pain
Pasteurise To ordain to the priesthood
Pastoral Succeeded in viva voce exam
Substantial Not up to the Bonzos’ usual standard
Tarnish Like a small lake


That one deserves its own flock of :heart::heart::heart::heart:s


Spinach: vertigo


Bargain - Beer Belly


Whisky - like something you’ve whisked


Sec - a second
Double Sec - two seconds
Triple Sec - three seconds

Sec - What the Queen has her Champagne delivered in.


Duvet - a French animal doctor


Nomad - sane


Divine - to collect the grape harvest

Divination - a country full of half-wits

Contraband - a pop group in Nicaragua.


Granite: ‘She makes me one every bleedin’ Christmas, often with a Humorous Reindeer motif. On the bright side, they never fit’


Whisker Even more like something you’ve whisked


Persiflage: young Master Percy is nearly four

Perceptive: Good grief no, we don’t want another one.