Ambridge Reporter Shorter English Dictionary


Autoclave a self-tapping stick


Plangent: project manager or draughtsman
Spicule: Christmas in Mexico, Cental America etc


Profess a female prof


1 Deterioration of road surface
2 Demotion in the navy
3 Late announcement of exam result


Vagrant: tirade expressing unfocused discontent


Bifocal to window-shop
Heretofore to listen to a march
Philippic a photograph of a mare
Philistine to pour a beer in Germany


All that and Philip means a lover of horses! Yay!


Heterophone Tinder
Heterophony a beard
Homophone Grindr


Analytics twerking


Passeltongue: seasonal affliction characterised by the lingering taste of sellotape


Yule log Consequence of seasonal overindulgence
Diktat Male equivalent of vajazzling


Foreskin Uncles, aunts, etc.


Deliveroo a hen with gender issues


Camelid: device for keeping even-toed humped ungulates fresh, or down.

1: an attribute third parties ascribe to genetic inheritance or, more rarely, the influence of upbringing

2: ‘Pardon me, but you appear to be obstructing the foremost extremity of my projectile’

  1. (Scots) S~ Jimmy: is this where the fights are happening?


Clarification degenerative disease affecting the speech centres of the brain, causing the sufferer to develop a faux yokel accent and forget how to speak their native tongue.


Radish: slightly ‘out there’, but insufficient to frighten the iguanas


Catastrophe - A champion cat.


Aeroplane - A bubble filled chocolate bar that’s not mint or orange flavoured.


Skydiver A lazy Welsh dyslexic


Lambasted Offspring of unmarried sheep