Ambridge Reporter Shorter English Dictionary


'Literal Violence ': seal clubbing, etc.


Dapper: a shoehorn for plimsolls


Singular: just the one lonely little household god.


horse-drawn About as good as Leonard-drawn


Prestwich: the aftermath of an incident involving one of the heavier grimoires


Relativism: a wholly understandable set of prejudices, none illegal at the time of going to press

Moral Relativism: a more specific aversion to the born-again (once would have been too often, let’s face it) branch of one’s family


En dehors (Fr) adj 1 of equestrianism
2 of activities undertaken in a brothel


En retard (Fr) adj: Go on, I dares you!


Isn’t that Hank’s name?


only when it is weary


Or awaiting feathering


Adlestrop: 1 peevishness and snit deployed to mask vagueness, confusion or incompetence
2 that blackbird is getting on my nerves


Love philtre: a defective prophylactic


a machine for determining the nature of someone’s affections on a scale of one to ten.


Conurbation: an activity which the later Helen/Rob The Archers scripts, Handsome Brute, etc are no doubt aids to.


Something to do with an election?


There are Wards for your sort, I believe.


That damned speech impediment again.


Wyandotte: punctuation puzzles poutry


Cock-up n The moment immediately before cock-crow