Poultry report


A gorgeous and very productive twosome, joe. Sorry about the under-the-weatherness.
Soo xx


Carbonara also springs to mind.

Have a brack to make, of course. And this would be a good time to do the Christmas cake. Last year’s got left uncut until I got out of hospital and definitely benefited from the extra maturation time!


Yes, was thinking of embarking on those next week. Amazingly, me Christmas Cake brandy remains unbroached.


Cake done!

Now just to deal with the Blonde World Domination Plot…


It’s a blonde, blonde, blonde, blonde world.


No question as to who gets the comfy nest spot!


Since it was (quite rightly) pointed out that I’ve been a bit lax on the report front…

Millie, Vicky & Crystal:

Young Vicky says hello:

And in pensive mood:

Tysie and 3/4 of the silkie contingent (Clockwise: Vicky, Violet & Penny)

“You did WHAT??!!!


Vicky looks as though she has been bathing in ash…


La Cenerentola!


Lovely wee Cinders.

Fab photies, joe - thank you, very much.

Soo xx


Yes, thank you Joe. They are all beautiful but I confess, Vicky is my favourite. I adore that pattern on her feathers, and her little topknot.


I just want henses

First build the fox and pine marten proof run…


Stunning, isn’t it? The mysteries of genetics! Both parents are basically white


Many thnx, @joe, us orl lurves yur fevver’d family! Luverly photygrafs, a bloody sight better than the damned things they keeps goin’ on abaht in T-soddin-A! :kissing_heart:


Be sure to do the reeeeesearch first:


Which I now remember was discussed earlier


Wish those chooks a Merry Christmas from me, joe. I hope that we’ll be seeing some pics of them enjoying it all :wink:
Soo xx


Just like old times…


Ha! you are being Supervised, me dere.


They have made the association of human → food.

Now just hope that their little chickeny brains don’t collapse that to human = food…