Poultry report


They have food aplenty in the coops! The association is more human = attention / entertainment / treats. They regard windows in much the same light as we view TV - with us providing the popcorn (or in this case, sunflower seeds).


I’d love to hear the conversation when they go back to the coop to report to the others on what you were doing.


Oooh goodness, yes!


…echoes of "To Serve Man" (…shudder) :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Happy New Year, glorious chooks! Lovely to see you.
Keep a beady eye on That Joe.
Mwahs from Auntie Soo xx


You thought CCTV cameras were bad…

Nowhere is safe…


‘Awk! Awk! They come! THEY COME!’

Are you writing notes you want to keep secret from the chickens yet, Methodia joe?


Bit difficult when they’re looking over my shoulder!


“Into Your Tent I’ll Creep”? (The Russell short story, of course.)


As opposed to The Chook of Araby?


To loiter?


Or, as some of us pronounce that, à bientôt…


Using up all they furrin words while they’re still legal tender?




Best end this now, in case it gets a bit, y’know, political


Wide weather we are having for the time of year, is it not?


Indeed: yet remarkably flimsy, wouldn’t you say?


Well, that’s always the problem, innit? Not good solid wevver like when I was a fledgling. Run from a building to a car and your sack of, er, things could double in weight from the rain…


That’s one James Bond kinda chook. I’d be worried, were I you, joe.
Soo xx


Wanna flock of hens