Poultry report


I, too, Twellsy. Although, I enjoy joe’s poultry postings and will make do. For now.
Soo xx


Sometimes, a girl just needs her mammy…


…here’s one for you & the chooks, @joe

Chooks Rool! :smile::smile::smile:


Serves the bastard right.



It won’t have ended well for the roo, though, I fear.


But most likely a quicker and cleaner despatch than he might otherwise have suffered.


Aye, there is that.


Contrary to what some would have you believe, it is not a given that roosters will fight. Witness the late and much lamented Jilly and her two minders, who would flank her wherever she went, then roost on either side of her every night:

To this day, Tysie (on the right) still patrols outside the room where she was kept when she was ill, looking in as if he thinks she might still be there:


< sniffle >
The emotional life of the chicken is complicated. Poor Tysie (except of course for the life of luxury he lives).
Remind me not to come back as a chook. Lichen looks promising: it doesn’t get attached.
oh, hang on


“Now, escaped from confinement, he is Murga, Avenger of the Night. No cockfighter is safe…”


Yay - go Murga!
Soo xx


All I can think of about that name is murgh masala…