So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


My one thing organised has been a parcel, successfully delivered to Sis containing her Seasalt t-shirts, Incognito hair and body wash, novel and birthday card. She’ll be 62 on the 16th, but she’ll be embarking on a Norwegian cruise on the 6th. She and BiL tried hard to persuade us to go with them, but it’s really not our thing and I think that they have overcome their disappointment :wink:
Soo xx


Muffled Snork…

Proffers Gin



Thank you, Carinthia. We have a late July holiday in Galloway to look forward to.
Soo xx


So, tomorrow.
In the absence ovva Dog, we’ll do a coastal walk and do that vicarious thing where we beam inanely at others with Proper Walking Companions and particularly at their PWCs. Gawds. Send us a pic, Fishly-Dunnocks. (I am aware that I am pathetic, but I don’t care, I tell you!)
Sweet dreams, Cellarites,
Soo xx


That Fish doesn’t take photies on the walks, but I’ll see wot I can do at home.

Orf to me nest.


Another awaiting news of the hound

Soo you need a dog I think

A Poodle perchance - think of That Poodle and another playing on walks…

And I could see that one too…

Bacon butties ready


But it wouldn’t be the right hound…



Is there a wrong hound?

I have never heard of such a beastie



That is a Right Hound :smile:. Good morning/afternoon to her and all.
Soo xx


Yep that’s a good hound

Here I have been working on my tan

And a blinking crow dropped good luck on me


Buy a Lotto ticket tomorrow, Twellsy. Crows know stuff…
Soo xx



Liberates Pitcher

Severial Things Done, & Train Ticket Bought




Meanwhile, I have spent today doing precisely nothing. Well I did notice loads of houseworky type things that need doing - does noticing things count as doing anything? I mean, noticing was all I did about them.

It’s a start!


The next step is not noticing…


That is indeed my plan. I shall be out all day tomorrow having (hopefully) fun and so unable to notice such things.


What type of fun, TFM?
I cast a sideways glance at the kitchen windows, today.
Soo xx


That is definitely my idea of housework.

Tomorrow is Tynwald Day, and one of the two bank holidays we get wot you lot don’t. We’ll be going to the big event with lots of ceremony and stuff, and a big fair with stalls from everyone under the Manx sun, and where we’ll meet lots of people we know, hopefully. Usually lots of good interesting foodie stuff to try too, and we’ll probably eat a Betty’s pie.


That sounds absolutely fab, TFM. I hope that you have a great time ovvit.

We plan to have a Bella Italia, tomorrow. Free food, as Mr Bee saves Tesco wottevvas and Ernie gave us a tiny win, today.

This would be the right Dog for me:

Soo xx


I want one too now! The dog, I mean, though a Bella Italia sounds good too.