So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Our Dog was a Border Terrier, just like that, TFM.
Bella Italia izz one of Mr Bee’s favourite places - I am not immune to its charms and have already chosen my meal - arancini followed by gamberoni spirali. A large glass of SB, in my case - himself will have gelato for pud. Don’t ask me how I know :wink:
Soo xx


Today’s lunch was lamb-hearts in a very mild chilli sauce, and an aged sirloin with plenty of butter in its sauce.

And supper was good honest pork chops.

[replete birdie, well-fuelled for tomorrow’s flight]



None of you knows this afaik, but I am addicted to Docs. I know loads of women are addicted to shoes, most shoes I’m not bovvered about but I am addicted to Docs. And wot’s this I see at a bargain price?

No no, the piccie’s showing the wrong colour, I want the purple glitter ones, less than half price. Can I resist?


Purple is so very much your colour, TFM, if I may say so. Oh, I did. Have them - you’re worth that, at least.
Soo xx


Comme ça?

I don’t fink you should resist.


That’s them! Aren’t they gorgeous?


They don’t do 'em in Great Big Birdly Feet size or I’d be on 'em…


DD lurves DMs and would put up a fight with you for them. They are rather glorious. I’d look effing ridiculous in them, but would envy anyone able to do so without looking like me.
Have 'em!
Soo xx


I have, I’ve done it! I’m so excited…

I’ve even got a purple jumper wiv glittery embroidery wot I can wear with them. Can’t wait.


Good for you! I feel the need for a shoe-shop, now…
Soo xx


Ooo such splendid boots

May your feets be warm and dry for years TFM

As a matter of interest what size are you?

They would look good with my cloak


Size 4, smallish like the rest of me. I can definitely see them with a cloak.



My size 6 feet are too big

I may sulk


DD’s feet are also size 6, but she doesn’t know about the glittering temptation and I’m not going to tell her.
Off to bed, I am. Best place for me as a few things have niggled at me, today (nothing to do with here, of course). Happy packing, safe journeys and wonderful times wished to our Chatelaine!
Soo xx


Gin, Dear

I am about to have an Beer, TBH, as I am abit hot & bovvered

Love the Docs

Packing is abit complicated, as I have stuff to drop orff,& there are 2 cases in 1 ATM,as I only have 2 hands



That sounds utterly terrifying. I don’t even understand it, Carinthia. Will you manage?
Soo xx


Yes, Soo

I have nesting suitcases so the cabin one is nesting in the middle-sized one ATM. Someone will put them on the train for me, & I will be met at my destination .

On Monday morning I will check 2 in, & then trundle the cabin one to the Bare Minerals Counter in the so-called Duty Free place, & have a Mini-makeover so that I arrive looking almost alive…



That sounds manageable, with a little help from your friends. Hugs and kind wishes from your sleepy bee.
Soo xx


[an beer] forra Carinthia

Nobody expects people to look alive getting orf a plane. You’ll Worry them.

Orf to me nest. I’ll wave as I hurtle past tomorrow on my way to the land of the pyramids.


Gawds, don’t remind me. just signed up for another course—in Brussels this time. You’d think what with all the EU stuff going on there it would be easy to find flights, but no—the options are Ryunfair or a mortgage. So currently ploughing through the Byzantine terms and conditions. (No luggage is their latest wheeze—WTF do they expect you to wear??)