So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Bein’ a seasoned travelling type of Sparrer, you will, I trust, squawk like an Egyptian


Just as long as the cops stay in the doughnut shop.


I have applied colour to my hair, & am putting my feet up for the 40 minutes it will take to ‘take’



It’s morning out there, apparently. Another Glorious Day™.

Oh well. At least it should be a bit cooler in North.



Cloudy and cool here

Bacon butties ready

I am currently looking at our drive which has a lack of a man and a digger on it

He was supposed to appear yesterday and start on the drive for concreting it

No sparrer yer bruvver cannot use it for disposal of bodies…


Offended tseep!

Me bruvver already knows plenty of people wot would be eager to do him a favour by helping wiv that, and shipping an unregistered corpse across national borders, well, it’s such a pain innit?


We have been turfed Orff the London-bound train due to a fire elsewhere


Oh bloody hell Dahlink. Where?


We can only guess and worrit, Gus.

The beely tums are full. Nice arancini, but not a patch on the mushroom arancini Bella used to make. With that in mind, I bought the makings for mushroom stroganoff - tomorrow, no room left for anything else today. Also: who thought that putting six crisp balls of arancini in a teeny bowl was a Good Idea? I had to eat the first two with my fingers - pleb, I know. I toldem what I thought, kindly.
Soo xx


“Wu’n’t me” says Rob the Torch.

The Civilised Diner simply tips the bowl up to their gob…


I’m worriting too now.

I eat loadsa stuff with my fingers, I must be a born pleb. It increases the pleasure of eating though, ime, more sensual somehow.

I’ve walked my little leggies off today, I think they must now be a couple of inches shorter than they were, and filled my little tummy up too. A good day, and the Grenadier Guards were most impressive as the guard of honour (and band) - we got some marines or other last year, very drab by comparison.

Here’s one of our police officers entering into the spirit of the day:


Soo & TFM
Wor Chatelaine is about to embark on the final leg of her journey, DV.
Slammers will be provided. Anna funnel.




Am on the last train of the day, Thank God. We were all turfed Orff at Leicester, & I had to stand all the way from Nuneaton to Euston, in the doorway. No-one could move.



Bluddy hell, Dahlink.


At least you were going away from Nuneaton.


Carinthia is taking on neutral fluids as the first stage of recovery, having Arrived.


Soo xx


The Chatelaine is taking raspberry vodka - correction (and she was most emphatic about this) her raspberry vodka - over crushed ice and beginning to exude a measure of contentment.
And I am absorbing the finest G&T I have had for quite some time.
That Fish is being Abstemious and Virtuous.


Hmmm. That Sparrer? That Hound?
Not that it’s any of my business, mind you.

Soo xx