So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


That Bird is away for the weekend, and the DDD is going mad trying to guard three of us at the same time when we persist in being in different places.


When That Poodle is with us all, we stay in one room. It’s just easier, really.
When we had Poppy the BT, she couldn’t give a stuff about where we decided to land, as long as she had free rein to check up on us. All doors open, then.

Have a good time and keep us posted.

Best dreams, all,

Soo xx


Look after yourselves Fishy and Gus

Now just a friendly word

I am rather fond of our chatelaine so be good to her

Or I will rev up my broom and don my kicking boots

Proper peeler kicking boots you know

Comfy to wear and leave no marks but hurt if you are gently massaged by them

Furfles for the diligent hound guarding the helpless wimmin


I’m on my second Raspberry Vodka, Twellsy, so they are doing ok… :wink:



Hmmm. You’ve met the Chatelaine, you’ve met That Fish…
What is this ‘Helpless’ of which you speak, dere?


Have fun, all of you.

I, yesterday evening, had a Fishly experience.

Mrs. Shanks surprisingly texted at 6pm with the message that #2 Son, who’d been in Shropshire for the past couple of days, had decided to return to London via a quick visit to his ancestral home.

He will, from now, be thought of as ‘the Sudden Son’. I know he has some way to go before the Queen of such matters but it was a fine surprise.


Sounds excellent, Armers; I am delighted for you.

And in the absence of That Bird I shall call a



As am I. Treasure your sudden offspring, they are more precious than you know.

Am I really the first taker? After 7 hours?

All the more for me then…



We is attan Beer Festival at the Pub’ along the road

Abnormal Service will be resumed when we have recovered…



Acksherly, The Fish izzabit Tiddly Pom

Gus is I/C Dinner, & looking abit Wild.

I was with her in Tesco this afternoon, & was commanded, commanded, I tell you, to ‘swerve by the Dairy, & find the Booze’

I obeyed

Of course…

The Hound is busily seducing evey table

Not for food, but to throw the ball…



I have never yet got to Local Pub’s Beer Festival, because this weekend in pyramid land always clashes.



Not strictly speaking a beer festival; there seemed only to be the ones usually found behind the bar. Lots of guest gins, lots of cocktails, but we went indoors for the beer each time. And each time we did the DDD worried in case we were Going Away And Leaving Her Forever…

Lots of very loud music, though.


All sounds good to me!
Soo xx


I assume this isn’t Cairo, but Stockport ?


I had a vague notion of Gloucester, Armers.

Good nights, Cellarites,
Soo xx


Best keep it that way, dere Bee. Gloucester is not wottit was.

(are any ovvus?)


Mebee not, but some ovvus improve with age. I have been told.

Soo xxzz


I’m not sure Gloucester ever was what it was.

Cheltenham, on the other hand …


Stockport indeed, old thing. Where today I have been a lorry driver who survived the Apocalypse, a star fleet commander, a firefighter, a doomed submarining gnome, and a competitive cyclist.

Now having a pipe before bed.


Sleepful puffage, dere Sparrer. The Chatelaine and I are refettling the world, it would appear to the casual observer ‘gently’. Cellarites know us better