So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Pore Bee. I hope the Orrible Edake passes off swiftly.


Bee better…





The Orrible Edake has lessened. We’ve had a bit of puny and feeble T&L; not the least bit frightening, sadly. Back to bed, with thanks for kind thoughts.

Soo xx


Gin, Dahlink

Am about to take the 7 tablets, & then sit up forran hour to make sure I’m not dead

Tomorrow is The Lad’s Birthday, so, following Fambly Tradition, there is Pink Fizz chilling in the 'fridge, & I will buy cheese & crackers tomorrow to have wivvit



Sounds a good tradition to me.

If you do discover you’re dead, you will let us know, won’t you?


Poor wee bee

Edakes is nasty things

The Bull has returned from motorsports

So I will say good night


Of course I will, Fishy

No Yeller flowers , BTW

I hates Yeller , except in Daffodils . I can hear my Late MiL asking if our Daffs were King Alfred’s, & Mr C saying,no Mother, they’re ours…

I ordered flowers for the coffin yesterday- from a Fambly Friend ,a Florist, who always does our flowers.Her husband had just remarked to her that he hadn’t seen my brother for a week when I sent her the message. We have shopped at their market stall for fruit & veg for 30 years or more, & Mr C used to go to their shop every Friday for ours & his Mother’s fruit & veg.

Today I have drafted & sent, per Email, to Fambly Friend’s son, what I hope is a suitable Oh Bitchery to go in The Derbyshire Times.

I do not want to make a fuss, but everything has to be right. I have to pitch this whole thing properly. I am waiting to hear from Fambly Friend about where she thinks Donations should go. Brother got on far better with dogs than people, & I have suggested Border Collie Rescue, as the last DDD was a Border Collie & was treasured beyond measure.

I ain’t discussing this with anyone else & will listen to Fambly Friend

This woman came to us almost 40 years ago, in dire need herself, after her husband commited suicide, to care for our Mother, and, Thank God, never left us.

She is as bereft as I am, if not more

Medicinal Brandy, methinks



Atchoo! Atchoo! Atchoo!


Morning all.


Passes Gus a box of tissues

Bacon butties ready folk


Sympathy for snuffles, Gus.

I caught a fruit fly! Mr Bee doubted my cunning leetle trap, but it w#rked! None left, now (as far as we can tell).

Out for lunch with DS - looking forward to this.

Soo xx


Passes Gus a box of wine. (For some reason gin doesn’t come in boxes yet.)



Foolish man. I can attest to the efficacy of the beely Drosophila Containment and Eradication Device (pat pending), mass murder for fun and profit…


Yesterday I rebooked my flight home.I (mis)understood the Teeny Tiny small print, & thought that it would be free.


It’s only free if you pay more than double the price for the ticket, so, with the £61 Rebooking Fee I have paid £186 extra

Can’t be helped & I will look at my Travel Insurance to see if I can claim

Today I have booked my flights back, mercifully, sans Booking Fee , at a cost of £267

I think that an 'Normous Slammer might be in order



[pourity] [pourity]


[thankity] [thankity]



Hound disturbed by yappy dogs next door. Clearly a major disarrangement to her day.


Will you have hound still when you come to our black pool?


She leaves here on 12th August at about 2pm to be driven to Norway by Son and Sudden Daughter, who is on leave and feels like helping him do it. So no, not coming with us to Dublin.


Aaaw she will have “HER” humans back

I will miss her

Re Dublin could feral find the thread that was started ages ago

I will pay with beer