So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


The Hound made herself heard on the latest episode of my podcast. (Which is supported by donations.)

Someone asked who she was.

I posted this picture:


He immediately sent us 50 quid.


I am not surprised

She is a darling and the way the tip of her left ear is slightly bent just melts my heart


A Bottle of Pink Fizz has been shared with the neighbours, & Wilde Hilde for The Lad’s Birthday

Have been speaking to one or 2 others & have told them of my Noo arrangements. It is the Market & Musical evening tonight,& I don’t want to spoil anyone’s fun by discussing funerals

NDN will be testing various Eierlikoer (or EarLicker as it is known at Carinthia Towers), with a view to buying some for her sister . She & Hilda tasted 4 last week, & came back Slightly Squiffy…



What commission does DDD charge?

Excellent portrait.


She is going to be bought a Special Chew, I think.


I nearly had a disaster

I am supervising dinner on the bbq and have a Boyle’s gin on the go

It is on a little table that was outside the protection of the bbq gazebbie and the rain restarted

Luckily I saw it before the gin was diluted


That’s a mercy!


We have just had an hour of one of the worst rainstorms I have ever seen here with thunder, but no lightning.I went down to fetch my ‘Italienisches Platte’, had it covered with foil & brought it back here to eat

The stallholders & hundreds of visitors will have got very wet

What a pity



it is indeed a pity. Glad yer platter was salvaged, Dahlink.


It has stopped now, & there’s a rainbow & the sun is shining…



They are promising us thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon, but they’ve already brought it down from four hours to two. I blame the government, not paying our weather bill.


I blame the government, not paying our weather bill.

You do know that “politics” is a compound word, derived from two roots:
“Poly”, meaning “many”, and
“Tick”, meaning “blood-sucking insect”

… I’ll get my coat …


And why is the symbol of Ireland the harp?

You have to pull so many strings to get things done!

On my way to the door thanks for holding my coat dear Bull…


That’s a worthy bit of etymology, Yon Bull.


And entomology (ticks fall under ‘Ent’, don’t they?)


What with being insects and all, yes.

No, hang on, aren’t they arachnids?


Bugrit, apparently they are.

Not that the better class of spider would acknowledge them…


Gosh, you mean I was right? I think I need a drink.


That’s twice you’ve been right, then, in the space of minutes. Bottoms up, dere


'Edake is back, with a vengeance.
Off to bed - Rocky Horror Show, tomorrow evening. Can’t wait. No, I’d rather wait forra long time.
Soo xx