So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Pore Bee. Hope you sleep.


Gin, Soo

It might help



The only thing that might work is somehow re-aligning my crappy spine. But kindly thoughts do help.
Soo xx


Have the gentlest of Hugs, Dear Soo



I think that’s Huorns

In other news, we have arrived at hotel in Waterloo. Have just been informed that bar is open 24 hours.

24-hour access to Belgian beer.

This may not be entirely conducive to what we’re supposed to be doing here…


I am drinking a Puntigamer ATM, Joe, but I envy you the Leffe…





Funny you should mention that…



Good taste.

The beer has, that is.


Snyff. Next time you are doing that kind of thing, were you to let me know, we could have a mini-meet.
Meanwhile, I am sure you will make prudent and appropriate use of the 24-hr bar. Dere.



It might of course be Waterloo, Walloon Brabant, with that beer.


< checks passport > < swears horribly >
Yeah, there is always that…


Don’t forget to visit the Ahistorical Mound.,_Belgium#Lion’s_Mound


I love the fact that each type of Beer in Belgium has its own glass. They wouldn’t serve Ruby Leffe in that glass, 'cos it has its own

Here, if they serve Puntigamer Beer, you get a Puntigamer glass, likewise with Murauer or Hirter, but the Belgians take such care to get it right .BiL et moi had that particular Leffe Beer when we were staying just outside Ypres, at Poperinge. Hotel Callecanes, we stayed there twice, & it is right on the old border. We dined next door at the Les Routier Restaurant just next to the old lorry weighbridge, & had one of the ‘meals of our lives’, IYSWIM .

Hey Ho

Happier Days



I thought that was a car with ice on its front.

I should put my lenses in.


Morning all

Bacon butties on the table

I am trying to unearth the Fancy Italian as I need tea


What this says to me is that Belgium had at some time a really advanced glass industry, desperate to make everyone buy as many different glasses as possible.

I seem to be here before That Bird, so I had better call a




Dunnocks as sneaky polyandrous birdies has just been talked about on the radio

And overactive in breeding season

I needs a fainting couch…


Who me guv?

[innocent tseep]


You have been rumbled wee birdie



Liberates Pitcher

Apparently we only caught the edge of the storm . The Strandbad at Klagenfurt, & the adjoining campsite are closed today as huge old trees have been torn up & thrown about


I have had a bitovva morning, & ended up going to see the Noo Director .Apparently there has been a letter for me at the Hotel Reception for the past 7 days. Someone mentioned it ‘en passant’ last night, & I went to collect it.
I opened it there,& had it photocopied straightaway

It’s the bill for the removal of the wasp nest, & is for 142 Euros 80

I decided at that moment,that I had had enuff of being messed about,- no room/wasp nest/ no water or lavatories fer 5 days, etc, so I had a 30 minute conversation with the Boss

He is a very reasonable man, & has only been in the job for 6 weeks, & says that he has never seen anything like it.


If my Insurance won’t cover the bill, then the Hotel will pay it