So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


You have a good right to flump, Carinthia.

Flumpage is happening here, too, on day three of the 'edake. No Rocky Horror Show for me, this evening. My companion found another to take my place - I did offer to pay for the ticket, but my substitute was happy so to do. So, there we are.

Soo xx


Gentle Hugs, Soo

And Gin



Todays storm is going down a storm, azzitwere…

Still not as Epic & Biblical as last night

Thank God



They cancelled our lightning – I said they would – and postponed the rain. Hey ho.

Mind you, this morning I watched That Fish being hauled across the living-room on a sheet of cardboard, one houndly tug at a time.


She was barking with her mouth full, too.


Gentle hugs and a cotton wool ball with lavender oil on it for the bedside table Soo
Lavender is gently soothing to my edakes so I am happy to share with you wee bee


Whereas with some of us, it’s a constant ;- )


I used to be perpetually two stops short of Barking, but I’ve moved now.


Twellsy, I am very grateful for your sharing. Given that I have checked the beely stocks of essential oils and discovered:
sandalwood x 2
orange blossom
no lavender
I shall avail myself of your generosity.

I love, but shouldn’t really, the image of a Fish being dragged about the place by a growling Hound.

Seabass with stir-fried veg, in the Hive.

Soo xx


Bee, again.
I am happy to report that the 'edake is now confined to a ‘hot spot’ on my left scalp. Shan’t lie onnit, I hope.
Best wishes to Carinthia and Fishers for Stuff. And goodnights to all Cellarites.
Soo xx


Good newses about edake Soo

Bacon butties ready here

The Bull is off to be bled to see if his levels of summat are righted with pills

One of em being a hugely bigly dosage of vitamin D


Vitamin G 'ere.



Oooo yes we need vitamin G don’t we wee birdie?


I have just had a strong coffee & summat to eat, as my head is thumping

Friend came to measure up outside for new aluminium posts & stronger plastic sheeting so that everything will be protected over the winter. This is one of he reasons why I am coming back



I think someone is murdering a child in the neighbouring street. Wish they’d hurry up about it.

(For those of a sensitive disposition, I think I know Nasty Temper when I hear it: inclined to go round and have a shot at murdering it myself.)


Now, Gus. Step away from the screamer. (I may be too late…)

I hope that Carinthia is feeling more the thing. I now have lavender oil to spare, or we could arrange ourselves upon the chaises and enjoy a tipple, or two.

Tomorrow, we’ll visit Auntia Joan. She’s a keen fan of TA and she’s one of the very few reasons that I continue to listen (to talk her down, that izz).

Soo xx


The screaming has stopped. And that is all you need to know.

A goodly bowser of gin needed hereabouts, swiftish… not so much for me, but for Tricia up the road who is suffering badly from The Long Summer Holidays. She’s normally a cheerful, capable kind of woman but when I saw her earlier, wan and inclined to gibber…


Time for the Aerial Tanker!


I do sometimes wonder if people occasionally take the “safe sex” thing a bit far…


There are children alive who make me wish that their parents HAD practised safe sex