So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Those polyandrous Dunnocks. I don’t know - this w#rks against their objective, I imagine.

I managed to find a smigden of Aldi gin, to enliven my evening. This proves that a period of essential abstinence is useful.

Soo xx


Names and addresses, Twellers, please.
I feel the urge to broaden their minds with some Art.


Incorrigible and encourageable, Gus? You izz a person of mystery < thatizz prolly the gin talking.
Soo xx


Art and then Hurling. Just in case they were feeling homesick, dere.
You might feel the need of Further Gin at this point.


This might be the case, Gus.

But, I don’t have any.

ETA that I’m off to bed. Platitudes must be prepared for our visit to Auntie Joan (best accomplished at 02.00) and she won’t be the least bit impressed. Should I say that it’s all shoite? No - that would be utterly terrible.

Soo xx


I am quite sure Auntie Joan could cope with an observation along those lines, dere Bee. If she disagrees, do you have EPA or anything?



Have been drinking Wine with NDN, her half-sister & a friend

I have ordered them a dozen bottles which will be delivered tomorrow morning

My Wine is delivered, everyone else has to fetch theirs…

Headache has gorn, Thank God , but I think hat an Medicinal Summat may be in order

Just in case…



Nope. She’s as sharp azza tack and I can’t spare the time. You’d need to meet her. Mr Bee adores her because of her humour and love of life. We’ll take some Choco Liebnitz (sp?) bickies.

Soo xx


Sleep well, Carinthia.
Soo xx (otb)


Gin, Soo

Carinthia in Awning on Waptop.xx


Three loud cheers for a Splendid Aunt. I still think the original observation that sprang to your mind is Fair Comment, and I hope your aunt would too.



This is an EMERGENCY!
[flappity] [flappity] [flappity] [flappity] [flappity][flappity][flappity][flappity][flappity]


And orf to me nest.


Bacon butties on the table

Extra for a gin sparrer


It’s a hard life…

[happy peckity]



Phew! Just had a narrow squeak. Had been over to neighbour’s to give the cat her medicine (little sod disappeared this morning and wouldn’t come in in before neighbour had to go Out) and as I was putting my own key into the front door, it broke - BEFORE it was fully in the lock, thank goodness. So, back in to neighbour’s house and lift the spare set of keys she keeps.
As I am going away tomorrow, she needs those back on the ‘Let not poor Patchface starve’ principle…
Have just spent a horribly depressing half an hour searching for Peter’s keys. No, they weren’t in the trusty rucksack I have never got around to emptying.

Anyway, found 'em now. As I said before, phew!


Phew indeed.

This sort of occasion was the reason I seem to be carrying two spare front door keys, plus there being two in a cupboard and I know where they are. Also one on a ring with each car key just in case.

Paranoid, moi?


None of which would have availed a Fish had a key broken IN the lock. Getting another spare done would have been a minor pest. Jamming the lock, a major and expensive embuggerance.


Yes, but it wasn’t broken in the lock, so that doesn’t apply.


It sort of does, Yer Fishness, because that was the ‘narrow squeak’. In my case, just now.


Fair enough. I worry more about losing keys (which I have done more than once) than breaking them (which so far cross fins I have never done).