So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Wot have you just said, Fishers? Talk about tempting fate…

On the off-chance, does anyone 'round these here parts know of a reasonably priced radio, suitable for a severely visually impaired person? No teckie fartiness (sorry Hedgers) just a radio that Auntie Joan can use to easily skip between radio 3, 4 and the World Service? I have looked on the RNIB site and £200 would be fine for us to manage as a gift, but she’d be horrified (always pays her way, always expects a truthful answer), plus, they are far too complex-looking. There exists a charity that do free loans, for suitable people, so I could make enquiries there. Mr Bee hazz tuned two of her exisiting radios in to radio 3 and 4, but it’s a bit ovva shame that she can’t have the world easily at her ears, iyswim.

Soo xx


Can you get a plain old radio wiv knobs on? 'Cos I never used to look much at the radio when I was tuning it…

(To a first approximation I don’t do consumer electronics these days.)


That may well be the way to go, Hedgers - thanks.

I now have Gin!

Soo xx


I have one with three pre-set stations on it. It’s called a Barton and it’s from a company called “Majority”. They might be worth having a look at; they cost a lot less than £200.

You preset it, and she can feel her way from one to the other.


Thanks, Fishers. I shall investigate this, in the morn. I have four DAB radios in different rooms and a crappy transistor in the kitchen, which is permanently tuned in to radio 4 - pore fing.

Where are TFM and Carinthia?

Soo xx


I am in lerrve
Please no one breathe a word to DDD, though. A husky pup, five months so at a guess, tethered outside the shop when I nipped up for ‘essentials’ (20 of them, plus a Useful Bottle o’Summat.)
Stunningly beautiful, with astonishing eyes.


I’m here,Soo


A few ovvus went to the local Hemp Farm today, & tasted the oil & various products

When we got back, I found an Email saying that I could check in for my flight on Sunday so I toddled orff to the Hotel to do this, & print my Boarding Pass .

Eurowings & the Hotel Pooter were obviously on a Go Slow today ,& it took 4 attempts & 45 minutes to get it sorted


Earlier I had had a call from my friend the Florist & had spent a surreal few minutes discussing the flowers fer the coffin

Then I bit the bullet & 'phoned the Post Office Travel Insurance line

Once I had picked my way through the Menu I got to speak with a very helpful man who has opened a claim for me

By this time it was 6pm here, & I needed to eat summat warm,so I went to The Allesch, next door to the campsite, & had a Cordon Bleu ( used to be written as Gordon Blue here) , which hit the spot

Came back & shared a Bottle of Zweigelt with my NDN & we parted just before the heavy rain started.

The forecast for tomorrow is for 30deg

I think that an Medicinal maybe in order…



I think you have a point there, Dahlink. Slammer?


Please, Dahlink



Enjoy medicinals - I may have, inadvertently, had mine.
Good nights, Cellarites.
Soo xx


Sleep well, Sweetheart



Orf to play silly games all weekend.



Please sort bacon butties yourselves folk

Ed Akes

Poppy juice pills a gogo here




Pore Twellers. Hope popping poppy pills helps.


Commiserations, Twellsy. I have plenty of lavendar oil to share. Gentle hugs.
Soo xx


Slightly fraught here this morning, as I have had to come to the hotel& top up the Internetty again


I think that I need Vodka…




Who was that masked birdie!


Who stole your leccy folk?

I gather the Grid failed


Someone forgot to convert the meter to take the new £1 coins :slight_smile: