So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


I don’t know, Twellsy, but this took out Newcastle Airport, which is over the fields from us. No power outage, here. I read that Ipswich Hospital’s Emergency Generator failed and that staff were working flat out to keep patients safe. I am practically clawing my eyes out in frustration and disbelief - the EG at my hospital was tested every week.


Soo xx


This is state sponsored stuff. Too many large issues arising now.

North Korea, Iran, China, Russia. There are plenty of options.


Armers, I don’t understand why the power going off at the airport would not also affect us, a gnat’s piss away. In fact, I don’t understand it at all.

Planes are taking off and landing as per normal, now.

Anyhoo, I am going to watch an episode of The Expanse, azzit’s more believeable.

Soo xx


Part-time rocket scientist here, and I tend to refer to the fusion rockets in The Expanse as Magic Space Drives because there is simply nothing physically plausible that gives both high thrust and high impulse…



So, that’s another unbelieveable thing, Hedgers. I quite like Magic Space Drives azza ridiculous idea. Pfft. Anyhoo - they’re in the future.

Soo xx


Oh, I don’t mean “that we can build now”; I mean “that we have any idea we might one day be able to build”. Making a drive with high thrust and high impulse needs a whole new physics, not merely brilliant engineering.

Meanwhile I am home for the night.


So good I had to copy it.

I know diddly squat about rocket science , but, being a bee, I should be aerodynamically impossible and, yet - here I am, buzzin’ about! Yay!


Dear Soo, wot aerodynamics has to say is that you can’t glide - as I suspect you will find you can’t.

Not to forget That Fish:


I can’t glide either. Not in air, anyway.


No. I definitely can’t glide. Hang on - I’ll try it.
Darnit - I’ll have a wee drinkie from that there glass. Fish can glide across floors with Houndly assistance. I rest my case.

Soo xx


No gin for faithful hound.


Well, she does have a heady responsibility gliding That Fish about the house. Pore Dog - I’ll offer her some water and a bone.

She’s Gorgeous.

Bedtime forra bemused bee. Good nights, Cellarites,

Soo xx


Morning has broken.

Wasn’t me.



I can gild.

In silver … &, I suspect, gold.

I went on a course & has a cerstifficate and everything.


Was it like the first one ?


Ulster Fry makings on the chafing dishes

Eggses cooked to order


Yesterday evening I hard-boiled some eggs, got rid of the cooking water & filled the pan with fresh cold water

For various reasons including Wine, I didn’t get round to peeling/shelling them until this morning.

Free Range eggs from Lidl , beautiful deep golden, almost orange yolks, & no nasty grey ring around the edges



There seems to be a blackbird shouting its head off in the garden.


An excellent reason, Dahlink


Wine is a wondrous excuse for avoiding all sorts of tasks