So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Was this your delivery for the cellar over the weekend dear wee birdie?


A mere 32 kilolitres? That wouldn’t get the Cellar through the latest Tim Stimpson episode, never mind a weekend.

Emergency crews worked overnight to stop the spilt gin from igniting.

Sparrerfully slurping the stuff up to make it safe…


Budge up wee birdie I will help keep the road safe


We’re all heart, us. Selflessly doing our duty so that other people can whizz between Manchester and places that aren’t Manchester…


I know wee birdie

And are we appreciated?

Not a bit

Selfless citizens is us


I am so proud of my POM. We spent the day with her today as it was her 91st birthday and I wore my purple glitter Doc Martens. She was so taken with them that she decided she wanted to buy herself a pair as an extra birthday present to herself - not purple glitter though, her favourite colour is yellow so she chose these:

It was me that was called a funny mummy by my daughter, but I don’t think mine is quite the usual kind of mother herself.


How wonderful, TFM, if not quite my colour …

Raising a Toast to to POM… :champagne:



Yes indeed, here’s to her!


Thanks both. I don’t know if she’ll be raising a glass to herself along with you this evening but she certainly knocked back a good amount of wine at lunchtime, I can’t keep up with her!

My brother sent her a birthday card that said on the front something like ‘enjoy a drink on your birthday but too much alcohol is bad for you so only have one glass…’

Then inside ‘and keep on refilling it.’ He knows her well.

She ordered the boots before she started though, so that was a sober decision.


I love your story about POM’s sartorial choice, TFM. As for her other choices, well - they haven’t done her much harm have they?
Happy Birthday, POM!
My rellies have made her a cake:

and it matches her DMs. Nearly.
Soo xx


Here’s to Old Mother Custard-Boots!
Me own Old Ma is progressing nicely. The cat had turned psychotic - normally a sweet wee girl - and I am gibbering. Not least at the thought of all that spilled Gin


Great to hear. and hurrah for mothers everywhere.

Beautiful cake soo, what clever & hard-working rellies you have.


Ooo Gus dear I have saved a wee small huge bucket of gin for you and the same for a wee bee

I hope that stops the gibbering


Twellsy, you are a Saint. Buckets of gin to the needy… Hang on, that’s two local saints doing the one job… yay! Double buckets!


We aren’t called busy for nothing, TFM. Some ovvem have won prizes for their baking, allegedly.
Yes, hurrah for mothers and thank the gawds for such a generous and strenuously quality-assured supply of gin! I’m sure it’ll suffice. More or less.

Good nights, Cellarites,
Soo xx


Not sure whether that counts as flotsam or ullage. Definitely legitimate salvage, anyway.

Orf to me nest.


The sound of Harleys seems to have quietened fer the moment .It is the Huge Gathering at the Faaker See ( where all the Silly Faakers Go), &,whilst I can’ sayt hat I am an Motorbike Fan, as such,some of them are Bluddy Beautiful.

I am tired, & should go to bed, but, I have been almost a Saint over the last few days, & bin in bed before Midnight every night

And awake until at least 4am…



Bacon butties ready

Fresh loaves out in 10 minutes

I am off to watch the next 20 tonnes of concrete being manipulated by experts

Yesterday’s concrete is set enough to walk on and it looks gorgeous - a nice ice blue/grey colour that is brushed and imprinted

We think that we could park a good dozen cars in our drive when it is cured enough

We have one car!


Might even have room for a personal gin-tanker…



Well the five axled concrete lorry was easily accommodated with room for a dumper truck van and trailer

So I think a gin tanker is a possibility