So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Well. A small one for weekends.


In pub again, looking at train/bus connections for return tomorrow. Things seem to be on an evenish keel, touch wood.

I have imagined a crew whose boatswain is Higgs. Send help. Or rum. Yes, make that rum.


I am happily sitting under a grapevine and a banananana tree admiring a tree fern a few dragon plants and some yucca with sweetheart vines with a pint at a rally


Well take the pint away from the vines immediately, you deserve it more than they do.


Returning now to make Lemon Chicken. A nourishing Stoo has been prepared to give her some easy meals.
Brace yerselves (well, them as does) for 19:03.


I have wrested the pint from the plant and am now admiring the ahem style of the guests at a wedding

I am torn between the goth with black lace tights a dress with handkerchief points in black red and steel studs with black leather eight inch heels that she can walk in


The skin tight dress two sizes too small so that the split up the back of the skirt is stretched to reveal her drawers and heels too big for her so she is bent forward thus worsening the situation

Which is worst taste?

The bride is in a simply shaped sleeveless dress of lace with pearls encrusting the lace a simple veil of sheer silk edged with lace and pearls

A tiny bouquet of gypsophila completes the ensemble

Simple classic elegant

#5128 has used this in its Pirates theme…

I check the padding on the Fishly Radio and retreat in haste…


Oh. Well. Drat. < sobs, contemplates biting table >


Yon Bull tends to be with me so that the equipment is not dunked in the pond


The too tight dress, undoubtedly.

Beautifully described though, I can picture both of them. I wish I couldn’t, but I can.


Yes, fab description, Twellsy! Glad you’re having fun.


Given that I can’t be the Bride, I want to be the Goth, please.

Funeral, today. Really had to attend. All Things Bright and Beautiful as first hymn, lots of glossing-over of ‘stuff’, but we had to be there for a young man*, who izzin Australia, as the silent character was his Grandad.

Gin and soda izz being enjoyed.

Soo xx

*We had a part in nurturing this young man through a dreadful few years.


A surprising update for those what isn’t disinterested.

Mrs. S had a horpiddiddle appointment today. 3 weeeks on.

Surprisingly good reports. Progress being made. Removed some staples, discarded the plaster & not replaced. Very painful & some considedable physioferappy to follow and still saying another 9 weeks to go but good signs.


Excellent news, Armers. Please pass on my best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. Orse piddles is no fun.


That is good news, it sounds as though Mrs S’s progress is as good as could possibly have been expected, and I bet she’s relieved to be rid of the heavy plaster at least. I hope they’re giving her enough help with pain control - if not they must be nagged until they do.


Splendid news about Mrs S

Now the evening guests are appearing

Some of the young ladies have undressed for the occasion

‘Tis quiet some sight and the art of the corset makers is amazing

All without whales help for the underpinnings


I am very glad to hear that things are going reasonably for Mrs S. Though I am sorry about the pain … I shall continue to keep my fingers crossed. Please give her my best wishes.


She says you’re all very kind to a person you don’t know. I’ve not pointed out that you do know her in so many, surprising, ways.


Emergency boozles on the way.




Have Severial Hugs, Soo

Went with friend to Maria Saal this morning where we inspected Noo Sewing Machines - we have been having this conversation for 2 years, & she has, finally taken the plunge. Excellent demonstration of 2 machines, &, on my advice, she has chosen 1 wiv enuff Bells &Whistles - Pooterized these days, BUT, most importantly, with speed control.

The machines have to be ordered via the W6 website, but they are guaranteed for 10 years, & servicing & extras can be purchased from this tiny showroom in someone’s house.

We celebrated by going to the Cafe in the ‘Schleppe Kurve’, which is next to the Schleppe Brewery

We both had Coffee & Cheese& Ham Toasties, & then I had a glass of Fizz

I was ‘treated’ to the whole thing as a ‘Thank-you’ for my help, which was lovely

Thence to the ‘Sued Park’ Shopping Centre where I got my coffee capsules on offer, anna Noo key cut for the caravan.

Flushed wiv Excitement, we then went to ‘Happy Home’, where I could have stayed for a week . Happy Home is an Fabric Warehouse with bolts of cloth from floor to ceiling.


Mr C used to say that I could go in for 10 minutes…

We were only an hour (or so)…

I picked up a roll-end of very light showerproof fabric from the bin inside the entrance for 3 Euros

When I measured it (much) later, there are almost 8 metres of fabric…

Back to the Campsite for me ,& what was supposed to be a quick visit to Wilde Hilde’s, where I was fed Coffee & Cake, & then, as it was Hissing it down, the Booze started to flow

My NDN was there too, & I blame her…


Homemade Zirben/Zitronen Schnapps - they buy 38% Korn very cheaply, & add fruit/herbs/sugar etc

It was very good, & not too sweet, & we had 5 each

Splutter !

I then went back to my Palast , unpacked me shopping & decided that I couldn’t be Harsed to cook, as I couldn’t have the door open 'cos of the rain, so I gathered meself, & went to the Hotel fer summat to eat

The place was rammed with Italian Chapters of the Harley Davison Club,so I ate in the bar, where I met Traudi. I have seen her every year for the last 22 years.

I thought ‘Bolleaux’ to everything, & enjoyed an 'Normous Fernet with ice

Came back an hour ago, & ittizz now Hissing it down again

I will sleep tonight Please God

Other Deities are available…