So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


I’m back on-line. Did you miss me, honeys?
I am a bit aggravated at the intermittent interruptions to all of our usual services, tbh. Anyhoo; we’ll sally forth to Embra, tomorrow, to meet up with the Klingons and That Poodle. Then we’ll have a seafood lunch here:

Kindest wishes to all and a good night of sleep wished by yer bee.
Soo xx


Hurrah forra Chatelaine!

Meanwhile I have been sampling an Atlantic Red Ale.




Stick with that which you know, Carinthia. That’s what I do. And I’m doin’ just fine…
Soo zzzzzzx


The Little Sisters of Shub-Niggurath can be very persuasive…



Have a snifter of my Lidl gin. It’ll put you off any idea of conversion. It’s vile. ‘Finton’s’, by the way and ours may go down the sink. I used to think that any port in a storm was a good enough idea, but with gin it ain’t.

Deffo off to bed,
Soo xxzz


Oh Sweetheart

It’s Aldi Gin wotizz the Prizewinner

Have an Hug anna Bottle of wotevva you fancy



The Tesco cheapest gin is so 'orrible it’s not even any good for making fruited gin (for which anyone else’s cheapest is just fine).

Not tried the Lidl, and I prolly shan’t, especially as I have a good supply of The Botanist and Aldi London.

Orf to me nest.


Sounds to me as if a Time was had. Hurrah!


Yerss, & completely unplanned, azzitwere, which is always better, innit ?



Hurrah for the slight displastering etc of the Surprising Mrs S., for Times as has been Had and the Prospect of Poodle, inter alia (alia does cover beer-drinking vines, etc, one assumes)
G xxx


One of my favourite posts, evva.
Soo xx


Will there be Sunshine in Leith soobee ?

Love the suggestionnof BOTH the seafood pllatter and the meat platter, share for 4 at £85.

I’d be there all day.


Morning all

I will report on brekkie as offered by this hotel

Good to see a Chatelaine having fun a bee seeing a Poodle a Gusly one having been paroled from gnursing and a surprising spouse thinking that she is unknown to the cellar

Does she not know that cellerati know just about everything


Bet it doesn’t include a



Are you impugning our Twellsy’s bona feeds?


Nah, but I’ve not yet met a hotel even in Ireland where they had gin for breakfast.


But have you asked? In so many words.
Thought not ;- )


Was it there next to the orange juice and “cleansing water”? No.


The brekkie of eggs benedict was delicious and served in the beer garden

I was spoiled by the staff who were so kind and served me with a gentle courtesy that overlooked and compensated for my walker being in everyone’s way

The waiter even poured my tea as he saw my shaky hands

Without fuss

It even had the resident cat keeping me company

The waiter warned me about the cat scratching

So the cat purred whilst I stroked her


Why you might not want a smart catflap that reports every entrance and exit: