So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Ha! Distributed Acquisition Of Kibble :joy_cat:


Better than the distribution of litter that one of our moggies practises!


Epic & Biblical rain again here, today - now with added thunder

Liberates Pitcher



Lucky beggars. Hmph. Last time we had thunder here was when I was sleeping in the gazebo.


Gus refrains from coment.


I’m not that far up the “tremble and obey” scale. Yet.


Am home.
It is not a good idea to open the front door and carol ‘Captain Idiot!’ without looking to see if some bloke in his Saturday night finery might be walking up the road…

Trust me, in that shirt he is in for a disappointing night


Falling about laughing here.



The real Captain Idiot has yet to appear, but I am exercising Caution now.


There were blue skies and glorious sunshine in Leith, Armers. It’s a super place for socialising and our lunch was great. DD and I shared olives and a seafood platter - the blokes ‘helped us out’, a bit. SiL had hare, which was very tender and full of flavour (I was allowed to try), Mr Bee had the veggie haggis. Puddings were, I thought, ‘bought in’ by the looks of them, but I made do with my third share of two bottles of Chenin Blanc. That Poodle was ecstatic in her greeting of Mr Bee and, after prolongued cavorting, came to me for a cuddle. I’m the boring one.

Soo xx


It sounds wonderful, Soo

The Epic & Biblical is still continuing & I think that Strong Drink is needed

Sewing machine & ironing board have been put away for a few days but , even though I can now see the floor, there’s not much hope of cleaning it with the weather as it is




Through the rain ‘n’ lightning ‘n’ everyfink. Gosh wot I do for you lot. (Great excuse forra flight in the wet.)


Thank-you Dunnock

And still it rains…



I must admit that today’s pleasant weather in Leith was a grand respite from the grey, drizzly and windy weather that we seem to have been enduring for such a while. Carinthia - for how long has the Epic and Biblical been going on in Carinthia? You must be bluddy sick ovvit. Hugs anna Pernod?

Gus, belatedly, I lurved the fact that you made a spectacle of yourself to the ill-clad bloke. Most of all, because you actually noticed his no-chance-of pulling-shirt. Made me laugh xx

Soo xx


I hope you added “Puss puss puss!” the moment you saw the human Captain Idiot.

Something occurred to me earlier that I was going to mention here, but when I sneezed just now the top of my head came off completely and everything fell out, so I doubt I shall remember it. What I can say is that I invented what is going to have to be called “lamb kedgeree” this evening; I had cut the onion small and fried it with a teaspoon each of ground cumin, ground coriander and ground turmeric, and I had put the rice in the pan to cook with twice as much water, when I got to the smoked haddock I had been defrosting and found that it had turned to Mush and was clearly not fit to eat. So I binned it and looked around for something else to go with or in the rice, and there was the 400g of boneless neck of lamb meant for tomorrow, which I cut into small bits, fried and then added to the rice once it was cooked, and put the whole lot in the oven at 160 for an hour.

And it worked! I am very proud of myself. I have even written it down so I might be able to do it again some time.


That sounds good. Does it go in the oven for an hour to let the flavours mingle? Because everything was already cooked, wasn’t it?


It most certainly did.

[genteel erpity]


That sounds, apart from the Haddock Irritation Factor, delightul, O Fish.
Yummski, one might go so far as


< hushed Poetry voice >She was a woman who used to notice such things

Plus he looked like a walking Liquorice Allsort


If it worked for you and its erpityness, Fishers, it woz good. And be proud!
Azzan aside - we bees made a prawn and rice thingy, yesterday. Perfecto, in my view. Mr bee suggested that the thrice re-w#rked recipe might benefit from slivered almonds. I advised him, nicely, to eff off.
Soo xx