So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


It has rained here for 48hrs + before now, Soo, so I am used to it

I would like to say that I am reading/improving my mind/getting a lot done,but none of hose things are true

I am doing far too much Pondering & listening to YouTube


I don’t give an Flying Ferk ATM, & I have, at last , finished the door-curtain for the friends who are doing the renovations here

She will be delighted, & He will be delighted for her

Pernod would be wonderful, Soo, as would Hugs, although I might break in two…



Oh, the cat has turned up. Several times. Delighted to see me, so much so thst I am bleeding profusely from an [Fishy please note] entirely accidental puncture in the fat bit of my hand.

Look, he came downstairs mostly on his ears, which was highly entertaining. He means well.


I don’t have that kind of grasp, azz you know, Carinthia. Fuzzy huggage izz offered with a virtual Pernod or three at the kitchen table xx Very Well Done for your w#rk on the door-curtain. As a very grateful recipient of your labours, I know that the end product will be immaculate.
Soo xx


Oh, good :slight_smile:
Soo xx


It’s hilarious that as soon as Fanta posted the lamb kedgeree recipe, everyone started furiously typing. I could see all your little avatars ‘replying’.

Ah, food, yes, never fails to get my attention, at any rate!


Say what you mean, Janie dere; ‘own it’, as they say.
“You/we are a greedy bunch of feckers”

Indeed. S’why - one of many reasons why - it’s so grand hereabouts.


My furious typing is a result of my need to sober up, Janie. I don’t usually kwoff quite so much vino during the day. But, we had fun. Let me know if you’d like any veggie/fish recipes. I realise that I could have sent more, had I not been so hopelessly distracted.

Soo xx


I have remembered what it was.

Sudden Daughter is Furnishing, and has asked me for plates for her (new, shiny, much-loved) flat and quite possibly the rest of her life. The criteria are “not those lipped things, they’re horrible” and “plain but not too plain” and “with a proper rim so you can put salt or mustard on it and carry them by it without burning your hand”.

The ones she likes are Wedgewood Signet Platinum
which I agree is super, but also is not dishwasher or microwave safe on account of the metal. And the signet gold is no better for that.

I am really stymied because they say John Lewis is the stockist (all over this part of the country) but the local John Lewis doesn’t actually stock them, and I am heartily damned if I am going to buy her a lot of plates she has never seen or held in the flesh, just liked on the maker’s website. I can’t help feeling that something without metal, so it would be safe in a dishwasher when she has a flat large enough to hold one in its kitchen, might be more sensible, if this is going to be the crockery she has for the rest of her life…

Any ideas, anyone?

I am going to bed now, so no immediate reply is called for, but if anyone has any inspiration, or even thinks of anywhere to go and look, that would be triffic. There is nothing in JL that she would want to know about; I have looked there.


You are lovely, Soo, & you know that I cannot turn out ‘sub-standard’ work, even though this is only a Camp site & things aren’t always straight or even.

I have to say that I appear to have refined the concept ovvan Door Curtain - Stoppit at he back.

Wiv the Noo Awning, the entrance is now a full metre wide, so you can’t just dodge to the side when someone comes bowling round the corner

The unwritten rules are very strict. Absolutely no-one evvah comes into the awning unless invited,or you suspect that the inhabitant is Really Poorly. Even the cheekiest childer stay outside, & shout at you from there!

Fishy, I will Ponder, but ChinaSearch may well be your friend here

My Mother had Thomas Porcelain wivvan Silver Rim wot all went to the Orsepiss Shop after my Father died, most ovvit barely used. I ran it through the dishwasher before it went, & it looked glorious.

I have ‘Colclough Ivy’, & lots ovvit



No shortage of substitutes, though


Might I share a confidence?
The year after I had had quite major neck surgery, we took the kinder over to France, onna ‘camping’ trip. Ours wozza frame tent, onna large site and it had a sort of vestibule. One morning, utterly unnanounced, one of the other ‘happy campers’, unzipped us and asked me to go to Versailles with him onna day trip. Rools are absolutely essential to avoid hostile incursions. I did turn down his invitation, but still caught head lice from his son, whom I nursed after an injury. The incursive bugga wozza defence lawyer. Rools matter!
Soo xx


We recently discovered that a great way to enhance the flavour of a simple white wine sauce for chicken is to open the wrong bottle and substitute vermouth. Highly recommended.


I found that out years ago, dahlink.

But the feline version is being really rather sweet, excwpt that my effects now smell of Another Cat, and need Thorough Investigation.

I am v tired and lurching to bed.
Sleep well, all.
G xxx


Urrrrrk, Soo. Am st a loss for words, tbh. But you should definitely have told him to away bile the son’s head. Insanitary little brute.


The son’s head was the result of his parents’ neglect which we had not realised until after the ‘incursion’. DD, Mr Bee and I all caught headlice. DS wozz spared (his hair wozz buzzed, at the time). I know that you won’t read my exciting extra chapter till the morn, Gus.
Soo xx


Kinell, Soo

The first weekend I was back here after the funeral was awful, 'cos I felt awful

When I finally slept for 16hours, after 4 days without sleep, NDN shouted from outside, & apologised as she undid the zip, but she was worried. I managed to reply that I was OK.

Years ago we had to break in to an awning/caravan in the next street, 'cos we hadn’t heard/seen anything for 3 days. The man had had an Stroke, & we saved his life forra while at least. His son thanks me every year




Urk, indeed, Carinthia.
Canvas incursions are sometimes necessary/kind. But the one that I rebuffed wozz neither - ask P, next time.

Gentle thorts and sweet dreams, Cellarites,

Soo xx


Azzit happens, I did. I see no reason to retract me Urrrrk, tbh.

Hey: you know those useful light cords, ceiling light for the turning off of, from Bed? Well, I extended the one in this room wiv binding, for Himself, and have never unextended it. Cat has rediscovered it just now. It could be an Interesting sort of night. I need an awning, I think.


Indeed. Head lice suck.
Happy dreams,
Soo xx


[yawnity] Tseep buggrit where’s me gin?

While we had the Hound, the pub dogs took great interest in everything about me since it all smelled of Another Dog.