So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Here I am idly comtemplating soft furnishings as we spent some of yon Bull’s pension on some work to be done in the living room

Dark stone flagged floor soft green walls and ceiling with a darker green gloss on doors

Bright orange hand woven rug and a noo 3 piece suite in scarlet leather of the Italian persuasion

So it needs throws and cushions

Ihave two velvet leopard print cushions and I was browsing



What Have you been up to?


I thought they were usually a bit more mobile than that?


I hope nobody will sit on me, Twellsy.
Soo xx


Soo you would be very well spoiled in the hovel


That would be luvverly!
I have just looked at the clock and realised that, at 10.40, I must shower and ready myself.
Soo xx


If someone sat on her, I imagine she would be…


Um. Villeroy & Boch Anmut platinum decorated claims to be dishwasher safe, but whether the full dinner service is available in that design, I dunno. The Rosewood is lovely, I think,

But have a quiz at them. It would be possible to combine trip to V&B with a quiz at Selfridges. But I have just had a big row with the Selfridge website, which doesn’t like my browser… Worth a little online look, maybe?


SNORK! Didn’t see that one coming.

Soo xx


Alas, the Rosewood (which I agree is lovely) doesn’t seem to have the right sort of bowl – the one illustrated is a huge great serving-dish.

As for Selfridges, they are as useful as I used to expect them to be when I was living in the Regent’s Park and shopping in Oxford Street after school. They let me in, mind…


Look through the patterns & collections at Chinasearch to find the shapes you want



It just suddenly all went dark.

And heavy


Ah well. Just wanted an excuse to meet you at Selfridge’s. Partly for the pleasure of your company, and partly for a salt-beef sandwich. They do a very good one. Or did… < panicpanicpanIc > < veers off to check SBS availability >

Phew! They are still there.



I could just eat a salt-beef sandwich

Still thunder central here, & turning much cooler

I have been cooking, which has helped keep things warm. I found 3 onions which were starting to look abit ‘tired’ , & other NDN had given me an Huge Martyr, which was going very soft, so a sort of Onion/Martyr Relish is being concocted



Oh, yes please! No rush, of course. If it suits, you could put them on that thread. Popping over there now to post.



Whaddya mean heavy?

What with me sylph like figure and everyfink

Hurt look


I didn’t say whose sit-upon was actually doing the sitting upon, did I?


Still in the middle of an Humungous storm here

There appears to be a swimming pool outside the awning door…

Better find summat to eat



Best salt-beef sandwiches I ever had were in Brick Lane at the Beigel Bake:

It helped that it was on my cycling route between central London and home. They did a very nice line in pickled herring too.



From here, and I wouldn’t say no to any of these…


Oh bluddy hell. I’m going to have to get to the Isle of Man sharpish. The siren lure of FSOD is calling me. Brace yerself, TFM. No need to bottom out the spare room, I’m not fussy