So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


That had made me very hungry too and, as luck would have it, a sandwich is on the menu for me this evening but it will be crab, home made, and probably nowhere near as good as that salt beef looks.

Just as well really since there isn’t one. It’s the sofa or nuffink, I’m afraid.


Ooooh, crab sandwich! How lovely: I do envy you.
It was a sort of ritual to photograph the first crab sandwich of each holiday. The ‘dressing up’ of the beer bottle in the background became dafter with each iteration.

The Disqualified Tagine is bluddy lovely, btw. And, unlike crab now does, dammit, it might not result in Dire Effects and Groaning.


Wanna Filthy Sandwich right now


That was, possibly Food Porn…




Not to be able to eat crab is very very sad, poor Gus. Though I do understand since I’m the same with scallops - used to love them but once had dire food poisoning after a dodgy one and now my body rebels and won’t tolerate them at all - and that is inconvenient since queenies are officially* our national dish and they seem to appear as an ‘also’ in every second fish dish on local menus.

  • According to our guv’ment that is, most locals would say the national dish is chips, cheese & gravy.


I can’t stand kippers, as you may remember. They have seared their poisonous toxin branding on my poor guts. And, Craster is yer famous producer of these ‘delicacies’.
Talking of guts - I remain unrecovered from the sauerkraut. Perhaps I should have gone for the flabby unpasteurised kind, after all. Ugh.
Soo xx
That’s pasteurised


You too? That’s poutine! Looks disgusting, tastes divine I as a recent convert think.


Oh, pore wee Bee. Are your guts trying to produce alcohol? Friend of mine, when pregnant, became very sick indeed, and tests for alcohol kept turning up positive which, since she is American and astonishingly puritanical, Did Not Stack Up. Turned out her guts had set up as a brewery and it was getting into her bludd. The child was fine, as was the next one. It’s the second child we need to worry about. Contentious little sod from the cradle and at nine ties most unwary adults in Gordian knots.

Anyway, Soo, what are you what are you going to do about those guts of yours? Loperamide can be a good friend.
G xxx


Loperamide (instant) was, indeed, my friend in Tesco carpark, today, Gus. Mr Bee drove me home, soon after our arrival there and went back (heroically) to do the shopping. I’ll prolly not ‘go’ forra week, now. TMI. I know.
How’s the resident Git? More importantly, any news from Ma?
Soo xx


Resident git is on normal form, that is he comes in for food and then scuttles off again to get on with his important work of supervising the neighbourhood.
Thank you, the Ma is in good spirits and as far as I can tell is taking on fluids and eating okay. Her little cat is being a good nurse companion. We had a good long chat this evening. That would be me and the Ma, obviously, not me and the cat.
Concrete tablets are a wonderful thing, albeit a bit enthusiastic. I wish your innards well, dear Soo.


As salutations go that’s a goodun, Gus. Thanks. Glad that Ma seems okay and I know that you have your ears attuned to your 'phone calls with her.

Off to bed. Best dreams, Cellarites,
Soo xx



Gin and do keep the loperamide ready

You have my sympathies

We are back from the rally and the drive looks wonderful

No mud no puddles no weeds nothing but clean flat smooth easy maintenance concrete

I love it

After years of easy care supposedly gravel with steppingstones I am thrilled with concrete

The easy care stuff was a bed that weeds thrived in

I may have muttered

“Grow now ye feckers “ to the weeds!


The lone and level drive stretches far away.

How are you off for a) antique-land travellers; and b) vast and trunkless legs of stone, missus?
Because we have been doing some work in the area and…

Shelley: what was he on? Or perhaps more pertinently, what wasn’t he on? (dry land, for a start)




Grasps Pitcher innan Grateful Manner…



Morning all

Bacon butties ready

Fresh loaves will be a few more minutes


I wish there were some rule which says that if you are having work done in your garden which will involve the use of a pneumatic drill from 8:30 in the morning, you were obliged to pay a huge fine and reparation if you did not let the neighbours know in advance so they could either go and sleep in a room which doesn’t look straight out onto the hole being dug, or go to bed a lot earlier the night before…


That was inconsiderate of neighbours Fishy

My lovely friend B came over with her husband to admire our drive and terrace

She thought the terrace was just a couple of square metres so was amazed at the entire thing

We are thrilled with the whole thing it’s gorgeous and such a joy to walk on a nice clean flat surface

Well flat except for the ever so gentle slope for future wheelchair needs


Itizz not raining today, so that’s a bonus

Not feeling too clever ATM, so I am not going far. I was very late taking the tablets last night, so instead of sleeping through the worst effects I think that I am feeling the ‘edge’ of them, IYSWIM



Urgle. Pore Chatelaine. Please take things very gently today, then.
G xxxx


I am doing. I have been invited to go shopping with NDN & Wilde Hilde, but have declined…