So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Hugs from yer bee, Carinthia xx. It’s all a bit ovva treadmill.

Fishers, I think it awful that the neighbours were so discourteous. We are very fortunate that ours are so kindly - not complaining when the Vicar broke their wall, for example, tolerating our scaffolding resting on their flat garage roof (we did say that if any damage was caused we’d pay for the whole covering to be replaced). In fact, when we consider moving home, we are well aware that we may not be so lucky another time…plus, our gardens are not pointy…Oh, dear.

Twellsy, I am absolutely delighted that the w#rk you have had done is giving you so much pleasure. Very sensible future-proofing, too.

Soo xx


??? You wha’?

I was just forming the view that today is a day on which many, many people need a Good Stabbing when there was a knock at the door. Turned out to be a NYM delivering a set of… 80 pointy things. If that isn’t a Sign, I don’t know what is.


Sorry, Gus. The house we viewed last week had pointy gardens and is, therefore, a no-goer. Maybe I didn’t say, at the time.

Pointy things? Erm, care to elaborate?

Soo xx


Yes, I’m all ears,& waiting fer me 'taters to cook…



Ah. Sorry. Yes, you did mention that, but I am a Gus of very little brane

Eighty Things, wiv 160 sharp pointy ends… As a Bee and thus having a Pointy End yerself, you naturally are curious, but I am going to let you ponder forra bit longer.


Soo xx


Huh. The Fishly Birthday may involve pointy things too…


Cocktail sticks?
Soo xx


The smallest could be pressed into service as such, atta pinch.

Oh, all right then:


Coo. And there I was thinking “T-pins! She is going to block her work!”

I am expecting 170 T-pins probably some time on Wednesday, so my mind sort of leaped to them.

I like the idea of a storage case for beginners and professionals, though I would think the professionals would be more use.


Well, knitting needles did cross the beely brane, but T-pins? Nah.
So, what date is your birthday, Fishers?
Soo xx


Don’t be tempted to dabble with Macramé just because you have the pins, Dere.


I have just made myself summat to eat :

Boiled potatoes eaten with butter, herb salt & black pepper

Food of the Gods…

I am not usually fussed about potatoes, but the ones here are fabulous



I wish I could ever get really good potatoes, but they don’t seem to happen round here, so I just get cheapish ones instead.


These were grown 3 kilometres from here & are about as Organic as it gets

German friends used to take a sackful home with them



Trust me to put a sinister interpretation on that innocent statement


Those pointy things are called ‘candles’, dere Sparrer.


You can do a lot of damage wiv a candle if you know how to use it.

(They shouldn’t have gone after Medium Vinnie at his kid’s birthday party. After all those children, a nice vicious fight was prolly a blessed relief.)


I have been and got a job!


I start on Wednesday…


G’wan g’wan, that’s not half a story!