So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Well a new charity shop has opened opposite my butcher and they wanted volunteers

I volunteered

So I am to be in the shop on Wednesday to start

The charity

The National Council for the Blind Ireland

So having a blind assistant is fitting…


Yay! Hurrah! AttaTwellers!


“Yer not blind enough yet. Have some of this poitín.”



Bad Dunnock!


You know me too well wee birdie!


Shall we?


Aw g’wan you twisted me wing.

[pourity] [pourity]


Well done, Twellsy!
I’ll raise a glass to happy employment.
Soo xx


I am happily enjoying the sun on the terrace with my new deck chair

I had forgotten how very comfortable they are


That is excellent news, Twellies. Well done you.


I have just had a new security light fitted to the front of the house. The old one had taken to shining all the time, after dusk. Now, I’m listening to my 30+ year-old tumble dryer squeaking away. It still w#rks, but I may have need to replace it. Mr Bee would be delighted were I to cave in on this one, but I really can’t bear throwing out something so bulky when it still functions…No, we’ll just have to put up with its squeaking and jaundiced carcase.

By the way - DD told us on Saturday that she has been offered the Deputy Directorship of her branch of the charity for which she volunteers. Not bad, at 27, but I do worry that she does too much already. Full-time job, free-lance typing/proof-reading, volunteering/training, doing up their house. Well, she has always been a busy bee, I suppose.

Soo xx


Sounds like it just needs new bearings. Not a massively complicated job, and there’s no point replacing the whole machine if it still works—and no modern one will give that length of service! If you have the make & model, I’ve found this company excellent to deal with:


You must be rather happy with the way she’s turned out.

And congratulations to her on the Deputy Directorship offer


We had Elderly Aunt’s old tumble-dryer after she died in 2004 & itizz still going strong

It was a Godsend when Mr C needed 2 loads washed/dried per day

Your lovely DD, what a splendid young woman she is

I think that we may need Celebratory Slammers :cocktail:



:cocktail:? More like :champagne: the rate we get through the stuff.

[pourity] [pourity]


Yerran Wise Birdie

Congratulations to Twellsy too

The blind leading the blind (astray)… :wink::joy::star_struck:



How are you faring this evening, dear Chatelaine? Hope you are over the nasty effects of the Sunday tablets.


I am just about starting to come round, thank-you, Gus

I will make sure not to make that mistake again, as today has been awful in many ways

Too much Pondering too, when one feels like Shoite

Hey Ho



Hugs and pitcherage, each in generous measure, Dahlink.


I’m happy when she’s happy, Gus. Thank you.
And, thanks to Carinthia for kind comment. I’d never brag about the Kinder - their achievements are their own.

My sympathy forran awful day, Carinthia. Let’s tackle this suddenly huge lake of bubbles.

Soo xx


Yer right, joe and I’ll be sure to check this out. I do know the make and model number as they are written on the front ovvit, indelibly. Unlike yer modern crappy throwaway stuff. Thank you. Will you be listening to tomorrow’s Prom concert with Jonny Greenwood? I can’t wait to hear the recording (well, I’ll have to).

Soo xx