So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


That reminds me. Today’s lunchtime one, from the Cadogan Hall, was excellent. Repeated on Sunday, I think, or there is always the dreaded Sounds


Y’know, Gus, I have been so very distracted of late that I just haven’t been keeping up. Must devote time to musical pleasures! (Nowt mucky in that declaration, btw :wink: )
Soo xx


Oh, yes, Soo

Kreislauftropfen deffo needed

I think that the sudden huge drop in temperature hasn’t helped me either. 3 days & nights of thunder & rain & today the sun finally came out



Allow me.
We need better glasses (unless I just can’t find them).
Slàinte mhath!

Soo xx


I dunno, yer can’t get a good giant champagne glass wivout some bint ‘avin’ a bath innit…


Well, it’s my favourite kind of flume, Hedgers. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Soo xx


Good nights, Cellarites.
Soo xx


Gin, Dahlink

Don’t ferget it



Tseepity flamin’ tseep.

Shovels and disc cutters at 8.15 in the morning.

I could show 'em wot to do wiv their disc cutters…



Now now wee birdie

Have a soothing beer with these bacon butties

And try these ear defenders for size

I also offer waterproof ones for ye fishy one


It was fairly quiet here at 8-15 , which is 7-15 in England

They’re making up for it now though .It sounds as though Walter, Wilde Hilde’s husband,is doing some major building works


Laundry izzin the Washeen & the hand-washing izzin the sink soaking

The sun is making an appearance, but the dryer will be deployed for the machine-load as there are sheets/towels & I can’t have them hanging around half dry. The days are shortening rapidly



I do hope you are getting solace from your special place dear chatelaine

You deserve it so there!


We’ve had a walk in sunshine by the Tyne at Wylam. It’s a lovely place to be, but for cyclists. Some of them will offer a ‘ding’ as they approach, others bluddy well don’t. There are plenty of notices advising cyclists that they should slow down for walkers, but this is rarely the case. Grrrr.

How’s everyone else?

Soo xx


Bin to Local Pub, which is still full of beer in spite of my best efforts.

I think mixed paths are usually designed by people who think of “cyclists” as small children trailing around after walking parents, rather than people who are actually trying to get from A to B.

I tend to say “'scuse me” rather than ring a bell if I have to, because it’s more personal.


Also hacked off with cyclists, or at least that subspecies which thinks that red lights do not apply to them.
Other than that, and snotling-infested buses (yes, my own fault: had I gone out earlier I would have missed chucking out time from skools) fine. Full as ever of the MoHK, as I am sure you can tell.


Mwah, Gus. I feel better already. Hedgers, ‘excuse me’ is most acceptable - I don’t mind sharing the paths, but courtesy goes a long way. Having a cup of green tea.

Soo xx


I very much agree, Soo. It’s fine if you’re all dawdling along, but the moment the speeds are different you really ought to have separate routes; walkers shouldn’t have to keep the same constant lookout that vehicle operators do.

(I’ve been shouted at by local cyclists for asking them whether their mummy doesn’t let them ride on the road.)


At least three of today’s cyclists must have been doing 15-20mph, on a very narrow path. There was a whole bevy of them (10 or more) riding two abreast and we had to scoot into undergrowth to get out of their way. Oh, never mind. It was, largely, a good early autumn walk.

Soo xx


Have you ever considered the mayhem that can be wreaked by someone tripping and accidentally putting a walking-stick through the spokes of a bike’s front wheel as it barges past?


Azzit happens, Fishers, I had left my walking poles in the boot of the car as the route we were to take was non-hazardous. I’ll take one of them, at least, on future walks, so the blighters can at least see that, despite appearances, my balance is easily undone. The route we’ll take, tomorrow, only has the occasional horse and loads of Dogs - I can cope with them!

Soo xx