So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


It’s a big problem here too, walkers getting squished by cyclists and cyclists getting killed by cars.

We have shared pathways with a yellow line down them, expecting everyone to keep right. As a walker, I don’t like cyclists creeping up behind me, so I walk on the wrong side as long as there’s room to step off the path onto grass when an oncoming cycle appears. Or even a walker or jogger keeping to the right, since I am the one ‘in the wrong’. It keeps me safe and doesn’t bother anyone as I always give way.

If there’s no room on the left to step aside (other than jumping in the canal) then I go with the traffic. But it’s blooming alarming as the cyclists go fast. I don’t blame them unless they behave like louts, after all, they’re keeping cars off the roads, but cyclists and pedestrians don’t mix well but nor do cyclists and motorists.


Time for a Venn diagram, Janie! How I long for yellow lines, but the routes we usually take are minimally maintained. Don’t want to diminish the enjoyment of others, but if my walking is spoiled by people on faster modes of transport I can become grumpy. Anyhoo - I should probably sort out the dinner.

Soo xx


Friend cooked Savoury Pancakes for us at Lunchtime & I seem to have managed to drink 4 glasses of Fizz

NDN came back from visiting her sister at half past five & we have shared a bottle of Gelber Muskateller


I feel much better today…



Avoid Hangovers - Keep Drinking.





I seem to have managed thus far , Dunnock, much to the annoyance of Mr C who had occasion to tell the goldfish to be quiet on Severial Occasions …



That definitely merits three rousing Hurrahs, Dahlink.
G xxx


Gurt Scary Bird from the Tower:

I mean it


That is one Gurt Big Scary Bird, Hedgers. Izzit a Raven?
It’s wearing a pink bracelet.
Soo xx


I believe the photo was posted by one of the ravenkeepers.


Well, that makes sense - a welcome change, these days.
Good nights, Cellarites,
Soo xx


That’s a pretty black birdie

I still like gin sparrers though


[yawnity] tseep? Yes, definitely tseep.

Grey skies as is proper for England.



Toast (me own bread) and marmalade available. It is the Ma’s chunky Seville marmalade and it is absolutely delicious.



(Fishly Marmalade is also rather splendid.)


But not chunky.


Really interesting economic analysis of Uber. Recommended.


It’s very interesting, Hedgers. Uber is so wrong on so many levels.
Soo xx


POM’s new boots…

And after visiting we went to the tearoom at the animal shelter for lunch and I had another crab sandwich (sorry Gus). With chips. I reckon they do the best chips ever.


The more crabs you eat, the fewer are left to leap down the Gusly froat.

Fine boots!