So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Is there any way of blocking this kind of nuisance? (Question expecting the answer ‘no’, btw)


Well, yes, there is, only I was too stupid to do it. Turn the phone off! I mean that would have avoided the waking in the night. Otherwise, no, so long as the phone is on you will get the alert. Oddly Mr Janie got his ten minutes before me.

In their defence, I could have been in Niagara and seen the man in the gold pickup truck. He probably needs rescuing by now.


I should perhaps have said: “From a cat’s point of view…”.


As does anyone else who vaguely matches that description…


Since when?


Friends of ours had a gorgeous black cat called Nimrod

Nimrod did arrive in the house via the cat flap with a neighbour’s bantam hen which was objecting loudly

After hen was rescued and caught by friends they then had to march down to their friends who owned said hen

This was on the Main Street of their village


< panicpanicpanic >
No water falling from the sky, which is emitting a strange, unearthly yellow light.
Obviously it’s The End of Days, agane.


Here all is still and grey

Lorenzo is happening tomorrow the Met Eirrann says


What worries me is when, in the middle of the day, all the light goes pink.



All THAT means is you’ve put the aromatic tonic in your gin :slight_smile:


The rabbit was rescued and released in that incident while Conrad was confined to barracks for a bit to give the rabbit a head start for home. Where possible we rescue and release live gifts :grinning:

On one occasion when I had been out for the evening leaving LordSusan and Conrad alone together, I was greeted on my return with a sulky looking cat on the back of the sofa and LordSusan starting off with “your cat…”

It went something like this…, on his arrival home from work he was met with a load of blackbird feathers in the living room, no body though (presumed eaten) but our noses led us to it a few days later behind a mass of cables underneath the tv table. Having vacuumed the feathers up, LordSusan goes to catch his dinner at the fish and chip shop, returning with his prize, and just as he settles down to eat it the cat flap goes and in comes Conrad with mouse in mouth.

Conrad and mouse ejected from house and fish and chips consumed.

Sometime later cat flaps goes again and in comes Conrad with another mouse (due to the time lapse it is assumed that it is not the same mouse)…Conrad and mouse are ejected once again.

Time passes, cat flap goes again and Conrad comes in alone, much to LordSusan’s relief but the relief is short-lived because as soon as Conrad enters the living room he throws up and by now is in total disgrace !!

Technically clearing up vomit is my job but of course I was out, so I joined Conrad in the Unpopular Club.

Now I realise that secrets are safe in the Cellar, so I will confess to something that I haven’t admitted to anyone remotely close to home before (not even you Just Janie), but that evening I was cutting it fine leaving home for an appointment and went into the living room to quickly record a programme but was met with the scene of feathers. A hasty decision was made, I shut my eyes, erased the scene from memory and left the room and the house.

On my 35 mile drive back, I practised my surprised and sympathetic expression for when I arrived home to find the feathers were just the start. It’s been about 8 years since that night…how long should I leave it before I confess to LordSusan ?


I would take that to the grave with me LadyS


I think so too Twellsy, that’s probably why I’ve never told him :flushed:


Your secret is safe with us

forra consideration


Dear Gus, gin perhaps ?


The occasional tankerful would be a graceful gesture, certainly ;- )


I may need Vodka

Scrub that

I will deffo need Vodka

The boiler is being serviced sometime between 1 & 4pm today



We are clearing out a sideboard (Victorian pine vintage and huge size that was dipped and stripped of any decency then painted black and varnished with yacht varnish) of a collection of dvds cds records and blu rays

It is alarming how much flingage is happening

Anyone know how videos are recycled?

The ghastly sideboard is going to be reduced to kit form with the aid of a mallet screwdriver and a happy old bat’s enthusiastic bare hands

I loathe the clumsy bit of scrap wood


Short answer is, they aren’t. While the cases are theoretically recyclable the tape isn’t and it has a toxic coating. Best bet is to contact your local electronics waste collection point and see if they take them.
Sorry, not overwhelmingly helpful, I know…


So let the council do the disposal?

Seems like a plan

The wretched monstrosity is now almost kindling