So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Slammers Please

Keep 'em coming

The boiler has received the Last Rites, Been Condemned & Switched Orff


Someone will be with me in the next couple of hours to discuss a Noo one

I could do without this…



[pourity] [pourity]

[moar pourity]

Give it a Viking funeral?


I could build a mini long boat from the remnants of two dedded sideboards

That has created good amount of space

When the “decorative” telegraph pole in the centre of the living room is removed the sheer room we have usable will be wonderful

This room has 5 doors one inglenook fireplace with oil cast iron stove and a window just to make it interesting to furnish and decorate

The inglenook has a tree split in half and painted black and yacht varnished bolted on bark side(with bark in situ!) out as atmospheric decor!

I await its removal and subsequent bonfiring with huge glee

Can you tell I am excited by getting the living room done to our style?


Oh BUGRIT, Dahlink.


Bugrit indeed

Most unhelpful for a chatelaine


£2,850 forra Noo one




Gulp indeed


Good move, Twellsy. Poles in the living room can cause all sorts of trouble…



You could always burn down your neighbours’ houses to stay warm…


Snorkity snork snork Joe!


Oh - and Carinthia, obviously that’s a sympathetic rather than a “like” like.


Please get other quotes. That sounds on the steep side to me.


It’s from the people who have nursed this one along for years & repaired it 3 times.

I could get one for around £2,000, but with a 5 year guarantee rather than a 10 year one

The boiler is in the airing cupboard & very difficult to access. The Noo one will be a Combi-boiler so the water tank/immersion heater will go & space won’t be as tight



Ours cost less than that in January 2018 as far as I remember, and it seems to work.

(There may even be something about it in the cellar. Rummage rummage…)


Fair enough, dear Chatelaine, if you know the people and are happy.

You Do Not Need This Shite.

G xxx


Think long and hard about the combi-bouler, dear chatelaine: the drawback of those is that unlike a tank, you cannot heat it with the immersion override to have hot water even if the boiler is playing silly buggas.


Am doing nothing else but think, TBH

Pondering too

The big plus is that this company is extremely local ( less than a mile away) & they will/have come out atta moment’s notice. One of the engineers lives around the corner from me . I have always been pleased with their service up to now



Gas ones should be getting cheaper, seeing as how the powers that aren’t appear to gave said we can’t be having them at all in a few years … wiv no plan whatsoeva on how they’ll be switched orf, replaced or anyfink at all along those lines.

Don’t go wood-pellet. Complete rip-orf & will be banned soon by the Ent from Sweden & her 14yr old chums.


< sniggle >


Not always. They were amazing value if you were in the right part of NI…