So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


A very fair point Joseph.


Boilers, eh?
We have had a gas combi-boiler for quite a few years. The company who fitted the original for us have also fitted boilers for a few of our friends and they’ll sort out any concerns (few) at the drop ovva hat. I believe that your home is spread across three storeys, Carinthia. A good-sized combi-boiler will cope with this, imo. Ours provides hot water to our mixer shower such that it feels like a power-shower and endless hot water, elsewhere. I’m really sorry that you have this extra embuggerance, Dahlink.
Soo xx


Yerss, Soo, itizz

Am not going to change from gas at this stage . I’m supposed to be organising a breathing space so that I can think about what to do about the house

Breathing seems abit ovvan luxury ATM :rofl:



We are sitting in a chalet, looking down the loch:

and I have made an Pitcher of this:

And, breathe. Smoke, too - I’ll enjoy the secondhand stuff.
Soo xx


You do pick splendid bits of water to be near.


Been volunteering and bought a nice little brooch of a turtle

Henceforth to be called a-Tuin

He will live on my hat


Turtles all the way up?


Essential to one’s sanity, Fishers (wot?). Plenty of room for allovus while the light lasts. Usual pitchers available.

Soo xx


Or she, of course


Well it is turtles all the way down

Even if they are coy about sex


Hot buttered crusts forra Chatelaine \____/






Then watch this space - I’m on breadmaking duty tomorrow


I shall be shopping forran influx.
Good nights, Cellarites.
Soo xx



Orf to me nest.


That looks as if a domestic plumbing fitting mated with a giant Spong at some point.


[innocent tseep]

Have you seen this splendid





Bacon butties ready folk

Joe is dough wrangling today


Lorenzo is starting here - only yellow warning thus far

Later he turns to amber warning

Most of the country has an amber warning for rain

We suspect the expected rain is not enough for us to notice any difference from normality!


Much postponed dental checkup for me this afternoon


Blood test at 8-30am on Saturday too