So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


It is a belief of mine that boredom causes more damage than heavy drinking, most recreational drugs and [in the context of civilian life, anyway] Enemy Action.


I am part way through cooking a roast dinner. Yes, just for me. And I am wondering what possessed me.

Anyone want to come round for roastporkapplesauceroastpotatoescarrot&parsnipmashcheesyleekscabbage&gravy?


Form an orderly queue!


I have 1 Sharpened Elbow in the bread queue, & the other izzin the RoastDinnerWivGus queue .

\______/ Bread Plate

\______/ Roast Dinner Plate



I’m joining the queue too, yum.

I have just (accidentally) been listening to some woman presenting Profile on R4. Please, what is this ‘mare of New York’ she keeps waffling on about?


I Have you tried running in body armour and compression stockings, carrying a plate?


Possibly ‘the horse on Seventh Avenue’?


No, but that’s cool*, joe. No kink-shaming in the Cellar

  • anything but, I would imagine


Ah! That’ll be it.

I have now looked her up, Becky Milligan is the name. Perhaps words of more than one syllable befuddle her.


Why does ortokorrekt insist on substituting “armpit” for “armour”?


Dunno, but I’m jolly glad you corrected it. Body armpit and compression stockings had me very puzzled. Not surprised necessarily, just puzzled.


McCloud ??


I think the conclusion here is direct intra-cranial optical data connecttons don’t work any better than TV, he was lucky! I guess I am too, come to that, although my attempt was more accidental (eye is “concussed”, should just recover itself - no lasting damage).

Lesson for the day: keep safe, folks!


i am very glad to hear it, Ebony Bull. Very nasty nonetheless. I hope you are not in too much discomfort. Take things easy and avoid cables forra bit, eh?


I now have a noo headtorch, 'cos the old one is a bit tired. This is more in the “how many lumens” category, so I’ve bin out forra walk.

I used it to get through the woods to the golf course, at which point I could see by sky-glow.


You want a torch with the power of 1 million candles, you do.


What I want is this:


I have no body armour, but am wearing compression gloves too…

Proffers Pitchers



< wearier SIGH than usual >

Get yer raw Sparrers now, while stocks last.


Friend of yours, is he, Bird?