So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Nah, just a random nutter of whom I am Jealous.


Not enough big enough deserts in England, really.




We will make a desert and call it hours of fun.

Orf to me nest.


Small potatoes by comparison, I know, but we have a 1kW lightbulb here somewhere, formerly of Fastnet lighthouse. Haven’t tried it, so don’t know whether it’s functional—more than likely it is, since I doubt they’d wait for one to blow before flying a crew out to replace it…

Acquired by boss when researching this:


What can this Epic & Biblical rain portend? Ah… it heralds

The Day of the Dunnock

Many happy returns, dere Sparrer. And have a splendid day


I am excused banner-towin’ duties today. I have a Note.


on the other hand…


to our Hedgers!

(Puff, pant - quite a thing forra bee to achieve.)

Soo xx


Happy Birthday little birdie.


Happy Birthday dear wee birdie

Ulster fry wiv extra puddens delivered to your nest

With a keg of Western Herd beer with a straw

I will make a gin and tonic drizzle cake for the birthday tea that’s de riguer in a certain village we all scream about at the radio when it’s reported


Happy Birthday our Dunnock, maybe you’ll be able to find a used Billion Watt Lightbulb on fleabay that you could use as a new headlight (if you do, don’t bother telling anyone, we’ll all know quite quickly!). Might be a tad heavy, you’d have to walk with your head held very straight and steady …


Dearest Dunnock

Wishing you an Very Happy Birthday wiv Lots Of Gin



Me mates have given me a Magnum of Malbec. They know me so well.


Hippo birdie, dear birdie!


Should we have a buffet to celebrate the wee birdie’s birthday?


What a fine idea.

< large platter of warm sausage rolls pops into being >


A couple of grapefruit cut in half to hold sossiges and cheese and pickled onion on sticks


A blackberry cake.

With lemon icing because That Bird has expressed curiosity about the idea.


This is Vital Research, then :wink:


Would a porkie pie grace the buffet?