So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


\_______/ <---- Me Plate

At least it should save a few explanations, Twellsy…

Have an Hug



Is there an Medicinal available?


The 2 Plumbers are still hard at work

My teeth ache from all the drilling

Every room looks as though a bomb has dropped

If I start crying , I won’t stop



Mibble. Life Unfair to Carinthias. Down With This Sort Of Thing.

This calls for the Estonian Good Stuff.


They are still here…



Problems, or just a sizable job in itself?
Havva Pitcher, Dahlink.


Now, see, some people put ice in the vodka bucket, but I say, what’s it called eh?


We are now on radiator bleeding…

The radiator in the sewing room is an Bugga to sort out

The cold water tank is in a cupboard behind the built-in desk in the sewing room

The sitting/dining room radiators are the skirting-board variety

My head hurts



And now the pump doesn’t work for the shower

It is going to cost another £320 to sort

I have had Enuff



Who really needs heat anyway? I hear caves are very nice. Pick yours before winter…


Gawds, Carinthia.


If it’s not one thing, it’s two things. Life Unfair to Carinthia!


And the insurance isn’t going to pay for any ovvit




Agreed dear birdie

I have been squished by a jolly lady who one must say is black - coloured ain’t a good enough description

She is lovely

Thence to quack for horsey pills and stair rods

Am now flumped


Urk Carinthia

I think you need Biiiig pitchers for that shock

Oh dear one that is just wretched for you


I’m actually shaking now

Must get summat to eat, & take tablets



Just a gentle hug dear is all I can offer

That and a general hoicking of me tenters for you


Apparently I am not to use the gas fire

They will remove it & see what is happening the next time they come…

Martyr Sossinges are going in the oven



Morning all


I will be making coffee and walnut cake chocolate cake and orange and lemon sponge sandwiches to help a tea morning for the shop wot I volunteer for today

It seems apposite - a blind woman baking to raise funds for the blind


“Please help me get some Braille labels so that I can tell the almond essence from the cyanide.”




Please teach me Braille?

Yon Bull has just fallen off his Captain’s chair laughing!