So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Tasteful, dere Sparrer, tasteful…
And coming from me, that’s the blind leading the blind or the pot calling the kettle Moglet or something :- )


Check the rum essence Rum, Twellsy


I have the rum cupboard’s keys secure so no rum forra Bull

Anyway he cannot grate the nutmeg for proper rum punch


Coffee and walnut cake cooling as is the chocolate cake

With ooodles of chocolate

I like a good smack up the face with flavour

Lemming and orange cake now in the oven

I will do a batch of plain buns as well


Coffee/Walnut Cake is, possibly, my favourite

I hope that the coffee flavour is strong



You will get no competition from me, dere. While I’m sure Twellsy’s coffee & walnut is among the finest flowers of the genre, I cannot abide the stuff. A good friend will nearly kill for it (indeed, she might actually have done: they breed 'em tough in Donegal) and I got very good at ferreting out sources for it in the vicinity of the canal…

An orange & lemon cake, otoh…


Hedgers doesn’t like the coffee, and I don’t like the walnut, so you are safe from us as well.


'lergic to walnut. Much as I love them. My tongue goes thick and a bit numb. It’s that papery coating over the nut apparently.


We could share…


Werrll, if it’s taste yer wants…

[Unwarning: this is one of the few bits of the album that is broadcastable!]


Plain buns of the butterfly genre are now cooling

I hope that everyone can enjoy at least one of my bakes

Coffee and walnut has an espresso that fights back as flavouring

Orange and lemon was ponging the house with the grated zest used as flavouring

The chocolate cake has a grown up dark cocoa powder as flavour (and loads of it)

The butterfly buns will be just plain flavour but pretty

They tried to climb out of the bun cases in the oven so are really light sponge buns


< hauls half-forgotten butterfly net out of attic, ponders on Substantial Extensions to the handle, dusts off cake stand >


Trebuchets coffee and walnut cake to a Carinthia


A woman after my own heart palpitations


I had a drama at lunchtime

I had ordered some M&S flowers for my mother

They were delivered by


To the porch of a nursing home

I called the home and thankfully they were found and given to my mother

But of all firms Yodel???

M&S used to be reliable dependable florists


i have done Sod-all today apart from find a photie, frame it with 2 others, & watch/listen to 'behind the ‘fridge’

Yerra Bad Lad,Joe… :rofl:



I had a house like that once.


At some point in time they also acquired a pair of white swans (Or as I call them, “hellbirds”)…


Brilliant, Dunnock

Just brilliant…



< unseemly glee >